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We believe EVERYONE can get the job they want. We help people get there, by writing brilliant resume and career marketing documents that get them invited to job interviews. 

Our History

“I established CV Saviour in London in 1997 as a professional CV writing service, after initially struggling to crack the UK employment market, despite being armed with 10 years work experience in medical and health-related fields, and two qualifications.” 

“I was lucky to get work with some amazing employers who supported my career aspirations, and my training and development. After getting some coaching, mentoring and résumé writing training from some of the best in the business, in my spare time, I began helping other newcomers to the UK, mature-age graduates, the unemployed, retrenched and those returning to work after extended absences.” 

“After years of marketing professional services and partnerships for US, UK, and Australian organisations, for the past 7 years my focus has been on branding, repositioning and marketing people through their résumés and online profiles to assist them with their next career move.  I now offer a professional CV writing service for Australian job seekers. That’s where we can help you too.”

Catriona Herron Watt, Principal, CV Saviour

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Read my story by clicking here. Oh, and if you’re interested, I’m an ENTJ. Want to find out what personality type you are, and how it influences what you do for work? Click here to find out.

CV Saviour

Certified Professional Resume Writing Service – Australian-based, Operating Worldwide

Did you know that in Australia, resume writing is an unregulated industry, meaning anyone can hang their shingle and set up business as a resume writer? Are you willing to put your career and earning potential in the hands of just anyone? We didn’t think so. That’s why all our professional resume writers and proofreaders are bachelor degree-qualified at a minimum, highly experienced, with additional qualifications, and experience gained in Australia, the US, and the UK, with qualifications in Human Resources, Commerce, Engineering, Business, Marketing, Communications, and Journalism. All have the added advantage of experience in the recruitment and selection of staff, from graduate through to C-Suite.

The advice we provide is based on our 20 years experience as professional CV writers. Our Principal is one of only 16 Certified Advanced Résumé Writers (CARW) in Australia, and one of only a handful worldwide who acquired certification at Gold Pass Level.

We follow the standards of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA), the  Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), Career Thought Leaders (CTL), and Career Directors International (CDI), all of which we are members or affiliates of, and with whom we complete our annual continuing professional development (CPD).

While we’d love to be able to guarantee you a job, we can’t. If you’ve been talking to resume writers who say they can, you’d want to be asking them how on earth they can guarantee that! What we CAN guarantee you is that you’ll get a much better CV than the one you’re working with now, and we can guarantee you that we’ll do everything we can within our power to go over and beyond to exceed your expectations. And we’ll provide you with the BEST advice in the market, on the market as it right now. We’re not a resume writing factory. Our success hinges on yours, and we’ll do what it takes to make you happy with the outcome of what we produce for you.

Our Clients

We have very high standards, and so do our clients.

Every day, we work with clients across all industry sectors, from school leavers and new graduates to chief executives. Just like you, they don’t always want to advertise the fact that they’ve used a professional resume and LinkedIn profile writing service to help them land the job, and we are 100% committed to respecting their privacy. There are 3 things all our clients have in common though – they want the best; they want a partner with a proven track record of success, and they want to be presented in the best light possible, so that they can achieve their career dreams. That’s why Stanford University chose us to write LinkedIn profiles for their MSx Sloan Fellows, why Uber asked us to present to them as part of their Momentum program, why we work with NewsCorp and why  Financial Services Institue of Australia (FINSIA).


Why Choose Us?

  • We’re the ONLY resume writing service in Australia that will test and score your resume so it WILL get ranked 80% or higher in Applicant Tracking Systems
  • 10 years experience as the decision maker in the recruitment and selection of staff
  • 15 years resume screening and candidate selection experience
  • 19 years experience as professional CV writers
  • 1 of only 16 Certified Advanced Resume Writers (CARW) in Australia
  • 1 of only a handful worldwide who acquired certification at Gold Pass Level
  • Australia’s 1st Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Writer (CCELW)

Meet The Team

We know you’re keen to meet our team of talented wordsmiths, but we’re in the process of getting lovely new photos taken of everyone, and writing up new short biographies, so please check back again soon!


We place a high value on training and are committed to ensuring the ongoing professional development of our people. We stay ahead of the latest developments in human resources issues, recruitment and selection, and the technological advances that influence candidate selection.

Just as it is for you, professional accountability is important to us.

We work together with a common cause – we’re dedicated to helping our clients get the CV they need to position them perfectly for their next career move.

We used to say it was really hard to get a job. These days, we say it’s really hard to get an interview, but we know that a well-crafted, evidence-based professional resume will certainly help.

 Our clients get résumés that get interviews.


Résumés That Rise Above The Rest

 CARW CertificationGold PassCDI Member BadgeCCELW CertificationCareer Thought Leaders AssociateCareer Industry Council of Australia


Certified Advanced Résumé Writer (CARW) – one of only 16 in Australia

– Gold Pass Level – one of only a handful worldwide –

Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Writers (CCELW)


 Our clients get résumés that get interviews.


Résumés That Rise Above The Rest

Professional Resume Writing Service

Catriona has 20 years' resume writing experience and works across a range of sectors including health and medical, sales, marketing, communications, administration, health and safety, education, business, management, banking, finance, accounting, private equity, analyst, law and others, in the private and public sector. Catriona specialises in career changers, newcomers to the Australia job market as well as those with significant career gaps and other challenging career histories.

Background: A Nursing qualification was followed by juggling full-time work (Pathology > Medical Rep > Pathology Services Marketing)  and full-time study (Business Management) followed by a 2-year stint in the UK that turned into nearly 14, working for an Austrian/German Medical & Pathology Devices Manufacturer, as well as the world's largest law firm (UK-based), followed by the worlds oldest law firm (US-based) and then a mid-sized Chartered Accounting and professional services firm. (Professional Services Marketing > Internal Communications > Public & Media Relations) . Catriona is also a one of only 16 Certified Advanced Resume Writer's in Australia, and was Australia's first Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Profile Writer.

Remy has 18 years' resume writing experience and works with our finance, business analysis, customer service, administration, market research, sales, project management, technology, telecoms and FMCG.

Background: Remy holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics.

Paula has 10 years' resume writing experience and her clients have placed into roles at employers including IBM, Foxtel, LinkedIn, Facebook, Oracle, Google, Uber, Hubspot, and Global Red amongst others, and with a track record over that has seen over 500 of our clients secure interviews within 12 weeks of receiving their documents. 

Background: Paula has a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resource Management and a minor in Marketing Communications, coupled with agency- and client-side recruitment experience.

JJ has 10 years' experience and has worked in recruitment with a leading Australian University and in the energy, manufacturing, real estate, and business outsourcing sectors. JJ ia also a Career Coach, with expertise in Interview Skills Coaching, and Job Search Strategy. JJ also offer Career Counselling - a must for those who need assistance navigating a career roadblock, or those questioning 'what's next?'

Background: JJ holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Change Management. JJ has earned a reputation for excellence within recruitment circles and financial services Australia-wide.

Kate has 8 years' experience and works with a range of clients including recent graduates/entry-level, young and mid-career professionals, information technology, mid-level management, and executive professionals. Kate specialises in the science, engineering, and technology, or STEM sectors, leveraging her work experience as a chemist and an engineer, in the US and Holland.

Background: Kate holds a Master of Science - Applied Chemistry major, is a Certified Resume Writer, and a REACH Certified Branding Strategist.

James has 30+ years' experience gained in professional services and is CV Saviour's proofreader. James also conducts and oversees CV Saviour's  Quality Control / Quality Assurance.

Background: James is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and hold a Bachelor of Business, Commerce major.

Annabel is CV Saviour Client Services Manager.

Background: To follow.