13 Reasons Why Your Career May Have Stalled

It’s a Tough market out there!




I came across a great article today called “13 Behaviours That Prevent You From Moving Up in Your Career” by Sujan Patel.

Stories like this always make me think of George Costanza (from the ’90s TV series Seinfeld) because of his appalling work ethic (built-in bed under the desk anyone?)

It also reminded me of a potential client I spoke to recently who bemoaned the fact that he’d been overlooked for promotions time and time again. (I say potential, because he didn’t become a client, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment).

On digging a bit deeper, it became pretty apparent why he was being overlooked. And most of those reasons are highlighted in the article below.

It is rare, but we do on occasion have to say to people that we cannot help them. In this case, we couldn’t, at least not straight away. Sure we could have reformatted his CV and made it look great, but that wouldn’t disguise the fact to any savvy recruiter that the client had done nothing to better himself in the workplace. Ever. Nor had her ever made any effort with the other things listed in the article, and he genuinely thought that turning up for the job each day (well, most of them anyway) was enough to get him a promotion. And he was starting to get really angry about it, and thought the only solution was to ditch the job, and find another employer, and that a fabulous new resume would do the trick.

But no matter which angle I looked at it, there was no way I could add any value to his resume, because he hadn’t added any to himself or to his employer. He had not one single achievement, success or value-added feature I could include. He had never done anything beyond the scope of the job, nor did he intend to – and when he’d been asked on the odd occasion, he told me he always responded with ‘that’s not in my job description’. No wonder he’d never promoted!

It would have been disingenuous of me to take him on as a resume client. (We were able to refer him to some coaching though, so maybe the resume will come in good time).

It’s a tough market out there, and quite frankly, employers can have the pick of the bunch.

Take a read of the article below if you’d like some tips on how to move up in your career. If you’ve any comments, head on over to our Facebook page – I’d love to hear what you think. And today’s top tip? Maybe don’t take career advice from George …


13 Behaviours That Prevent You From Moving Up In Your Career.


Original article sourced here, courtesy of entrepreneurcom, by Sujan Patel.


You want the coveted title, the nice office and all the perks that come along with them. So what do you need to do to get there? In fact, it may not be what you need to do, but rather, what you need to not do to advance your career.

Here are 13 behaviors in particular that leave you stuck in a career rut:

1. Showing up late.
Stayed up too late watching your favorite TV show and now you can’t get out of bed when your alarm clock goes off? That’s what services such as Netflix and Hulu are for. You don’t have to stay up to catch the latest episode. Get to bed on time so that you’ll be ready to go on time in the morning.

2. Only doing what you’re paid for.
From time to time, you’ll be asked to do things that aren’t in your job description. Turning them down won’t keep you from getting a paycheck, but it will keep you from proving you’re ready for the next step. Only doing what you were hired to do communicates to your boss that you’re content at your current level.

3. Networking only within your company.
You may work for a great company, but there are other great ones out there too — and they may be looking for someone to step up and fill the kind of position you dream of. You’ll never know about it unless you talk to people at other companies, so be sure you’re using LinkedIn and other online networks to supplement your in-person communications.

4. Staying home.
You’re required to be at your desk during office hours, but what about the company picnics, the get-togethers and the Christmas party? No, you won’t be paid for them, but going to extracurricular functions shows your boss you’re a team player. Unless you absolutely cannot make it, start going to the “outside-the-office” social functions related to your job.

5. Relying on your former education.
Too many people get through their required training and then stop learning. To rise above everyone else in both title and pay, you have be continually learning new skills and improving yourself. This doesn’t have to mean going back to school. You can attend workshops, ask mentors and continue your education to gain new skills that’ll help launch you into your next role.

6. Waiting on someone to find you.
Yes, recruiters are out there, but relying on them to find you amongst everyone else will kill your ability to move up. Make yourself known. Tell them about yourself and why you’d be an asset at a higher-level position. If you want to move up within your company, make it known that you’re looking for advancement and actively seek opportunities, instead of waiting for them to be handed to you.

7. Working alone on your goals.
We all need a little help sometimes. Other people can see things in us that we can’t always see ourselves, allowing them to offer a perspective that’s much different than our own. If you need help, there are coaches out there that specialize in career advancement, such as a resume or small-business coach.

8. Failing to follow through.
Sometimes, you’ll receive difficult tasks that’ll test you in various ways. No matter the task, if you say you’ll do something, make sure you deliver. Failing to do so, even in the face of obstacles, will cut short your ability to advance your career.

9. Being passive.
You don’t want to be known as the hothead of the office, but it’s no better to be the wimp. Voice your opinions and showcase your work. Your boss may not know your worth if you never demonstrate it.

10. Keeping your dreams to yourself.
Tell other people your plans. It helps you be accountable for them, and it also opens the door for them to help you. Keeping quiet about your dreams will ruin your chances of making the key connections needed to move up.

11. Having the reputation of “just another guy in the office.”
Average workers don’t get promoted. Work hard and become the go-to guy for projects and special assignments. Being “just another employee” will damage your ability to advance.

12. Staying in your comfort zone.
Promotions will often take you outside your comfort zone, so be prepared. Take on things you aren’t sure you can handle and find ways to do them anyway. Staying comfortable might sound nice, but it won’t help you advance your career.

13. Reading and hoping instead of doing.
Columns such as this one are published every day, but reading them is a waste of time if you don’t take action. Failing to take action ensures you’ll stay right where you are, killing your upward momentum.


(updated 2019)

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