Do you need an ASCII or plain text version of your résumé?

Just what is a plain text résumé?

An ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) résumé is a plain text electronic version of your CV, suitable for pasting into emails or online application forms.

Occasionally, job advertisements may ask for a plain text or ASCII (pronounced ask-ee) version of your résumé.

While it won’t look anywhere as ‘pretty’ as your professionally formatted CV Saviour résumé, it will arrive at its destination in the same condition it left your computer, and just as the recruiter asked.

If we have already written your resume for you, we do not charge for ASCII resumes however, we only provide them on request. Please ask us when you order.

If we haven’t written your resume for you and you require an ASCII or plain text resume, contact us to quote you for one.

As technology gets more sophisticated and applicant tracking systems more advanced, there has been a decreasing requirement for ASCII and plain text resumes over the past couple of years, however some organisations who rely on older technology may sometimes request one. More often than not, and organisation will ask for  Word version of your resume, and while we advise that PDFs are submitted wherever possible, if a Word version is requested, make sure it’s a Word version you send!

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