Jobscan has got to be one to of the coolest tools out there for jobseekers (apart from a CV Saviour resume, of course!), so we were thrilled to have CV Saviour’s hybrid resume template for Australian Resumes featured.


One of the biggest challenges for Australian job seekers is that much of what can be found on the internet (and in books) is written for markets other than the Australian job market (although I’m working hard to change that!). Many people think that a one-page resume is the norm in Australia, but that’s a bit of a myth. I always say that a resume only needs to be as long as it needs to be, to get the message across that the job seeker is the best candidate for the job.

Sure, a school-leaver may have a one-page resume, however, we find most Australian resumes tend to be 2 – 3 pages, which also means that our resumes tend to have a lot more words in them. (Big thanks to Jobscan for making Australian job seekers aware of this on the Jobscan ATS tool). Other market-specific idiosyncrasies include spelling (we use British English as standard), grammar, the meanings of certain words, measurements etc – and things such as paper size.

Australian’s aren’t great at shouting about their achievements, and many have very bland ‘I did this, I did that’ statements on their resumes. In our experience, people (recruiters and employers) ‘buy’ people (job seekers), so what we do is really turn our clients resumes around to focus on authentic, personality-driven documents that shout out just how amazing our clients are by providing tangible evidence of the outcomes of the work they have done. It’s a winning formula.


Why we recommend this resume template?

This CV Saviour hybrid style of resume (international A4 paper size) works really well for anyone really, but in particular for those with challenging career histories, career changers, job hoppers, those who have juggled multiple concurrent jobs, those with little work experience or job seekers who want to take the focus off their past job titles or the fact that they have very little paid work experience, so they can emphasise the value they bring to their next role.

The style aims to capture 70% of the key information about a candidate on the front page. Where colour has been used in blocks, it is shading only, so it won’t cause issues for ATS, and the Key Skills section uses ATS-friendly hard set tabs. For those with very little experience, but heaps of knowledge on a subject, they should use the heading ‘Areas of Knowledge and Understanding’ instead of ‘Key Skills’, if they don’t yet have the hands-on experience in a skill.


Click here to get your copy of the Australian Resume Template.


(updated May 2021)

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