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“I just wanted to let you know that I have been working in a professional services firm now for 3 months. Once I started sending some applications I was getting a lot of interest and I’m grateful for your wonderful help. Thank you again for all your help – I would definitely recommend you to anyone who could use your expertise.”
James, Senior Advisor

South Australia, November 2019

“A month back you prepared my resume for the CEO role I was applying for.

Well last week I was appointed to the role!

I am very grateful for the energy and effort you put into my CV. Not only did it secure me the interview, it also gave me the confidence that I was the right person for the job.

I will keep recommending your service so that you’ll be able to help more people like me.”

Jenny, CEO

NSW, August 2019

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your team for producing an amazing application for me.

When my ultimate dream job was advertised I late one night clicked the buttons that put my application in your hands and to be honest I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money – in fact I was a little sceptical.

I now know the services of CV Saviour are worth every cent. My application is tailored perfectly for the role and it has oddly made even me much more convinced that I am the right candidate for the job.

Regardless of whether I secure the position or not I am very thankful for the work that has been put in and am secure in the knowledge that this is the best possible version of me and my skills that I can possibly put forward.”

Elizabeth, CEO

Sydney, July 2019

The recruiter at [Big 4] firm mentioned how strong my resume was, and how commanding the structure was (in a complimentary way – all thanks to your brilliant work!). They emailed today (one day after the interview), asking me to come meet with them again today!

Marco, Business Analyst | Starting Out

QLD, March 2019

“You should have ‘We do it right the first time!’ prominently displayed on your website – what you have done on my resume was superb. I don’t need for any amendments on my resume or cover letter – you presented my details in such a compelling way. You truly gave me a personal branding complete with the ‘wow factor” I was looking for. As a job candidate and customer, ‘CV Saviour Resumes That Rise Above the Rest’ is an understatement. You and your team are really great.”

David, General Manager | Operations Manager | Board Advisor

VIC, November 2018

“I have gone through all my documents, and have found their quality beyond my expectation. I am really impressed by the incredible strength of the content, as I was not able to narrate my experience in this tone, even after trying.”

Ari, Electrical Engineer & Project Manager

Perth, October 2018

“I was very impressed by your work last year and I spoke highly about your services, so I’ve referred some friends to you that I hope you’ll look after as well as you did me.”

Elizabeth, University Lecturer

NSW, October 2018

“Many thanks again for helping me out with my CV. It definitely helped me land some great opportunities and continues to do so since the Resume Audit, Review and Critique you completed back in 2016, so I’d like to refer a colleague to you.”

Eric, SAP & IT Project Project Manager

NSW, October 2018

“I can’t thank Catriona and her team enough for the fantastic work they did on my resume which not very good, by turning out a very professional CV which I really found it difficult to believe it was me that it was about. They had a limited timeframe and the document that I received was outstanding. Thank you CV Saviour!!”

John, Safety Expert

NSW September 2018

“Thank you so much – the resume and cover letter are perfect!  I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I’m in awe of just how good it is. I feel you really ‘got’ me and I love how you injected my personality into the resume and cover letter – which is so important in the industry I work in. You’ve highlighted some important things I would have forgotten about or been unsure how to sell, and I sound amazing. I have passed your details onto colleagues and friends. You are amazing and your writing skills are phenomenal. Thank you. I absolutely love it – and I know recruiters will too.” 

Sam, Media & Production Professional

Sydney, August 2018

“I really needed professional resume help – I work long hours and shift work, and needed someone good to market..well, me! I researched quite some time before deciding to go with CV Saviour, and am glad as I clearly made the right choice. I  had so many experiences, skills, accomplishments, ideas, goals, dreams swirling around in my head and I needed someone to help make me a marketable entity without the pressure of second-guessing or wondering what I should and shouldn’t put down. I received a very professionally written CV, well-organised selection criteria responses and an outstanding cover letter All these documents helped me gain an interview for the targeted job I was looking at. Thank you.” 

Kwame, Clinical Nurse Consultant Resume, Cover Letter & Selection Criteria

Canberra, July 2018

“I did an extensive amount of research on the web to find the optimal team or person to write my resume and cover letter. I selected CV Saviour because when I called CV Saviour to enquire about the services, I spoke to Catriona, who was outstandingly professional, friendly, positive, resourceful, and provided a substantial amount of insight, all voluntarily and willingly offered. Prior to signing up for anything, Catriona provided me with advice and direction in relation to the job application process in the public health sector, which I greatly appreciated. Catriona took the time to invest interest in my career goals and aspirations. She was happy to answer all of my questions. This made me realise that CV Saviour was not going to write me a resume that was stock standard, and I knew that they would invest a large amount of time and effort to understand my profession, my job aspirations, and attributes to tailor a resume/cover letter that was completely individualised. In addition, their online website was clear, informative, and stood out compared to others, which I attributed to their highly proficient skills in writing. They ticked all boxes for writing selection criteria too. I now have an incredibly competitive resume that markets me perfectly and fits the job description to a T. I have an edge over others who will be applying for the same job because of the clever use of specialist marketing strategies. I would never be able to produce the quality of work they have, and I am someone who prides herself on communication. I had extremely high expectations, and they still managed to exceed all of them. I am sure I will get interviews because this resume and cover letter blow the standard resumes in the field out of the water. Exceptionally individualised, high quality, and amazing customer service. I have recommended the services to my university, friends, and family. Everyone I have shown so far is beyond impressed with the style, marketing, and clever use of showing off my qualification, experience, attributes, and skills. A huge thanks to Paula who wrote my outstanding resume and cover letter and answered all of my questions 🙂 I recommend this service to anyone who wants a resume that stands out above the rest. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Amelia University Graduate Resume & Cover Letter

Adelaide, January 2018

We are always thrilled to receive feedback from our clients, and always honoured and humbled when we do. Read about the experience of our client, Wayne, who hadn’t had to tackle a job search for 10 years.

“I haven’t had to job hunt for over 10 years and I didn’t know it at the start but I was on a huge learning curve and through this experience started to have a few things become very clear … I learnt the hard way that compiling your own CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile DOES NOT work. Unless of course you are in HR and do it for a living and even then I would still get someone else to do it. Face this fact and the quicker you face it the better off you will be. After applying for three of four jobs with zero interviews I went and found a professional firm to update my CV, compile a cover letter and update my LinkedIn profile. Below I have given a plug to CV Saviour by providing a link to their website and I do not do this lightly. I went searching for a company to fulfil my job hunting document needs and sadly the client service I experienced was next to non existent…….well except for CV Saviour. CV Saviour were easy to deal with and quick to follow up and delivered my documents on a tight deadline. It took some effort and time to give CV Saviour all of my details but the end result was fantastic so well worth it. What was also worth it was me not missing an interview for every job I applied for with the CV I was provided. Yes I had to change the CV and Cover Letter to suit the job role but the bulk of the information and formatting stayed the same.”

You can read more in the blog at Be A Better Man.

Wayne CEO Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

Victoria, November 2017

“Can I recommend you? You and CV Saviour have been awesome. Saviour is the right word for your company.”

John Marketing Communications Director Resume & Cover Letter

South Africa, July 2017

“Really looking great – thanks so much. It’s been wonderful working with you. I will be sending lots of business your way, as the confidante to a lot of the individuals I have trained/worked with over the years – many of them are feeling the need for change so have passed on CV Saviour details. Hope that’s ok!”

Amanda Fashion Buyer & Category Manager Resume and Cover Letter

NSW, July 2017

“Very professional service. Paula has done an amazing job in a short period of time! I have good experience and skills but none of my 10+ applications ended with an interview, which was the reason I decided to use CV Saviour’s services. The result is that the first application with my new resume got me the interview – and now I’ve got my job! So I can say that it definitely worth the money I’ve paid.”

Marina, Nursing Resume and Cover Letter

WA, June 2017

“Really appreciate this. You make me sound better than I am! Thanks. Will be recommending you to my colleagues.”

Paul C-Level Mining Executive

Dubai, May 2017

“I just want to express my gratitude for your amazing work. Just recently you supported me in writing selection criteria for the ‘dream job’ I wanted. In the past, I’ve found it so hard to get to the stage of getting an interview but within four days of submitting my application for this job I was called for an interview. Although I was unsuccessful at securing the position I applied for, I was offered a locum role within the organisation. I am so happy just to get my foot in the door and am hopeful that it will open up so many more opportunities. I honestly don’t believe I would have even got an interview, had it not been for the help of your skilled team. I am so impressed with the quality of your service and will definitely be recommending this service to others.”

Andy Social Worker

Perth, February 2017

“I have researched and contacted many agencies before coming to CV Saviour. But the moment I have started interacting with CV Saviour I knew I made the right choice for my most important investment – my CV and my public profile. Throughout the whole process I was really impressed and satisfied with their level of professionalism and competence, they always over deliver. And when I received the final product I was really thrilled and impressed, it has way exceeded my expectations, and I felt very confident that I have a flawless, class A, exclusive CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that will take me places.”

Omar Telecomms Director Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile

UAE, November 2016

“Exceptional service! Not having reviewed my resume’ for 5 years, I was given short notice to apply for a promising corporate role. It was also the first job of that level I’ve applied for and my resume was not suitable at all and I had no idea of the format required. Catriona and her team did an amazing job at very short notice with the information I was able to gather to prove that I was the best fit. While I was unsuccessful securing the job, my interviewer remarked without prompting how impressed they were with my resume’ and that’s saying a lot considering the huge amount they review. Highlighting my accomplishments and skills has led to an easy ‘slot in’ to the next available vacancy within my company and am now taking on more projects as a result. Thanks again to everyone at CV Saviour for all of your amazing work!”

Matt Retail Manager Resume and Cover Letter

QLD, October 2016

“As a non-Australian with a medical background seeking to live my dream of working in Australia, I had been sending out resumes and cover letters to numerous hospitals to no avail. Not knowing if there might be something wrong with my resumes and cover letters or if I just didn’t understand what the Australian job market expected, I turned to CV Saviour after much consideration and comparisons with other resume writers in Australia. Catriona handled all my enquiries promptly and professionally, and the drafts of my new CV and cover letters that I got from her and her colleague Paula were just amazing! They brought the best out of me in my new documents in a way I probably could have never done myself. Their services may be a bit expensive, but I never regretted choosing CV Saviour because I knew my new documents were being crafted by professional resume writers who have been in the industry for long, and they definitely did not disappoint. Would definitely recommend CV Saviour in a heartbeat.”

James Medicine Graduate

Malaysia, August 2016

“I’m writing to say a huge thank you for the amazing job that you did on my CV. Within two weeks of having received my new CV & Cover letters, I had four interviews for lucrative roles. And here I am today, writing to you from my new role! 6 months ago I would never have believed you, if you said I would have moved from WA to QLD to commence an exciting new role! Thanks so much for your amazing service!”

Tim Events Manager

QLD, July 2016

“Just would like to thank you again for the impressive resume – the interviewer commented how well the resume was written, and they did not even ask for referees. I was given a start date at the interview, which is next week. Sending my resume prepared by CV Saviour instantly gets results – I get employed by companies! Thank you so much – you take the stress out of job hunting.”

Jeremy Occupational Health and Safety Manager

NSW, June 2016

“Engaged with me every day to make my CV tailored to my individual skills, updating me with progress and delivered an outstanding CV. The response was immediate, thank you!”

Jane Early Career Mechanical Engineer Seeking Roles in Australia

Hong Kong, May 2016

“Brilliant service, tight time schedule on my side – CV Saviour met my deadline with time to spare, without compromising quality.”

Craig Skilled Trade, Mining, Oil and Gas FIFO Worker

SA, March 2016

“Thank you to Catriona and her team. I chose CV Saviour because I didn’t know which way to turn. I needed a professional resume writer who knew what was needed to be done. Further, I wanted to reduce stress and anxiety. I would highly recommend CV Saviour especially if you are time poor; don’t know where to start with your resume and you really need to put your best resume forward – this job is important. CV Saviour will guide you through the resume process and relieve the burden. The best thing about working with CV Saviour was the expertise, prompt and reliable service and beautifully presented documents that were all formatted ready for me to lodge for my job application. It was all done for me – It was a relief. All my resume problems were solved with great care and attention. Think about it as an investment in your career never as an expense. Thank you, CV Saviour for your care and expertise.”

Sharlene General Manager

NSW, February 2016

“Wow. And wow again.”

Paul – Sales Manager

QLD, January 2016

“Awesome news! I got the job! I am smiling from ear to ear.”

Now that’s the kind of news I just love to hear. I just heard from a client who I’ve been working with over the past few of weeks, and I have tell you, this is what gets me out of bed each day. James, in his late 30’s, had been unemployed for 18 months, and CV Saviour was the THIRD resume writing company he worked with in his quest to get work after the others let him down. James contacted CV Saviour three weeks ago, and he has now broken all our records for helping someone get the job of their dreams. Read more here.

James Occupational Health & Safety

NSW, September 2015

“CV Saviour has restored my confidence in the current job space and also exposed my hidden talents. I thank you so much for your professionalism and great service delivery. I highly recommend CV Saviour – a great investment.”

NB: Louisa had previously spent hundreds of dollars getting her résumé written by a self-titled ‘professional’ résumé writer. She didn’t get the results she expected until she engaged CV Saviour to craft her interview-winning documents. A certified résumé writer will draft your documents from scratch, and detail evidence-based results throughout your document while positioning you for the jobs you want now and in the future, NOT the jobs you have had in the past. If your documents are merely re-formatted to make them look better, and only contain a laundry list of what you have done in that past, you are NOT dealing with a professional certified résumé writer. Make sure your résumé writer is certified (with either or all of Career Directors International, Career Thought Leaders, or the Career Development Association of Australia) before engaging someone to write yours for you. Your career (and your future income) depends on it. 

Louisa WHS Specialist

QLD, February 2015

“I was thoroughly impressed with my dealings with CV Saviour. Very methodical, and turned my boring career history into an exciting CV! I can highly recommend CV Saviour – for a comparatively small investment my CV has been completely rejuvenated.”

John – Executive Director

NSW, November 2014

“I have been with the same company for almost 13 years so had no confidence in how my skills would translate outside of my current organisation, or what a good CV looked like outside of my company. So much had changed in the market place. I had gained a lot of valuable experience during this time, but had no idea how to promote these new skills and experience in a way that would position me in the most effective way. CV Saviour were able to interpret my long list of skills and achievements and present them in a succinct and very professional looking document. I recommend this service to anyone. Your future career is worth the investment.”

Miranda HR Manager

NSW, August 2014

“I still can’t quite believe it. The first application I sent out after having my CV saved, and I’ve been called up for an interview, less than 24 hours later? I’ve been sending applications out for months and never had a call back yet. Worth every cent. Thanks. Top job.”

John Office Manager

VIC, January 2014

“I would really like to thank you for your assistance with my resume and cover letter. You have done an amazing job and you have really helped me gain the confidence I need to walk into an interview. I will make sure to recommend you to friends and family.”

Kristen Nurse

WA, August 2013

“My sincere thanks again for all your excellent work to date. I feel as though I have learnt so much from this process and I very much appreciate all your valuable advice.”

Jennifer Training and Development

TAS, May 2013

“Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me. I feel so much more positive and confident about my abilities now that I can see my skill sets and experience laid out by a professional. It’s really helped me decide on the direction I now want to take.”

David Sales Manager

SA, March 2013

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart – you saved more than my CV. Being made redundant once is bad enough, but twice in twelve months was devastating. I’m still shocked that I had a job offer three weeks to the day we started working together, doing something I always wanted to do, but didn’t think I could because it was in a completely different industry. Thank you for showing me that I really could do want I wanted to do. What a great start to the New Year!”

Kevin Career Changer

ACT, February 2013

“Thanks so much to the team, I am very impressed with the CV! I look great on paper!”

Karen Medical Representative

NSW, January 2013

“I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me. I knew I didn’t want to be a truck driver for the rest of my life, but I would never have considered taking an apprenticeship at my age either – I thought I was too old – and there is no way I could have done it without the CV Saviour. It did take 16 weeks and 68 job applications, but I’ve heard of people applying for hundreds of jobs to get into mining, paying thousands for tickets and licences, and without any success in getting an interview, let alone a job. It made it so much easier being shown how to tailor each application for every job I applied for, and all the additional advice, interview preparation and coaching you gave me really helped. I reckon some of my work mates think I’m barking mad paying for a service like this, but they’re all really envious, and I’m the one laughing now that I’ve signed the contract. My 15K pay rise will more than cover the cost. And I’ll finally get a qualification that can take me anywhere in the world. This has been a life-changer for my family and me.”

Wayne Truck Driver now Mining Apprentice

QLD, December 2012

“Wow! I can’t believe you managed to turn my CV around so quickly. From the time I sent you the job spec and my old CV, it was less than 72 hours before you sent back my new (and very professional) CV. Thank you for all your advice – I wouldn’t have usually applied for a job that wasn’t the perfect skills match for me, but now I’m feeling really confident – it’s almost as if the job was written for me not the other way around. And as for the cover letter, well, I’d employ me I sound so good!”

UPDATE 1:“I’ve just been contacted for an interview – less than a day after I submitted my new CV and cover letter – and they haven’t even advertised the job on the open market yet! Can I add on interview questions so you can get me through the interviews?”


Anna Career Changer

NSW, November 2012

“You did it again, CV Saviour! The cover letter and updates that you did on my CV have landed me a $6k salary increase and I’ve climbed another rung on the Professional Services Marketing ladder. Thank you!”

Gary Marketing Manager

NSW, August 2012

“Thanks for the cover letter – it was just what I needed. I was happy with my CV, but I just wasn’t sure how to address all the issues detailed in the job ad. What you sent was much better than I expected it to be. Fingers crossed I get an interview, but if I don’t, I’ve now got a really great template for all my future applications.”

Annie Consultant

ACT, April 2010

“I’m writing to let you know that I’ve just landed my dream job. After I was made redundant, I never thought I’d be able to get back into the job market so quickly, but you were so persistent and thorough – six weeks and 28 applications after we started working together, and I’ve just been offered the job of a lifetime. Never in a million years did I think I could make the transition, especially after being made redundant, but you proved me wrong. Thanks again for everything.”

Gemma Bank Teller now International Insurance Company Training Executive

ACT, January 2010

“I’ve been saved! Thanks so much for the CV – when I got it I knew straight away I’d have an edge over other applicants, and now I’ve proved it by getting the job. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!”

Grant Office Manager

QLD, March 2009

Has the CV Saviour helped you? We love getting feedback. Please let us know how your job search concluded at so we can include your feedback here.

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