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Heard the one about the job applicant who resigned before he’d signed the contract with his new employer? The offer with the new employer was retracted, and he was left without his old job, or a new one.

Chances are, you may have been tempted to do so yourself in the past too, and I get it. It’s easy to get caught up the excitement of a verbal job offer, but that doesn’t mean you should shout it from the rooftops, or march straight into the boss’s office to resign on the spot.

Make sure that everything (offer letter, employment contract, start date, benefits etc) is agreed, signed, sealed, delivered AND returned before you set up that meeting with your current boss where you will resign gracefully and thank them for having you on the team.

Verbal offers can sometimes be retracted.  Circumstances change, references sometimes don’t check out … there are a myriad of reasons why you shouldn’t resign before the deal is sealed. Don’t get caught up in the moment.

Take your time, get things in order, make sure you have signed contract returned and its receipt acknowledged by your new employer, and then resign.

Now you can shout it from the rooftops!


(updated 2019)


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