Getting all her ducks in a row for her next career move

38 year-old Jane was really ambitious, and had worked very hard to get where she was. She liked her employer, but she realised she’d gone as far as she could with her current employer, and had a niggling feeling she could be better. She wanted more.

More money, more responsibility, more prestige, a better job title … She was keen to try and jump a couple of steps up the career ladder at once, and wanted to position herself for a role ordinarily offered to someone with years more work experience under their belt than her. The thing was though, she knew she could do the job with her eyes closed, and she had the experience to prove it. She just couldn’t find the words to explain just how great she was at her job.

1) We took an approach that positioned Jane for the job she wanted, not the job she already had. We presented it as a blended functional and chronological CV, focusing on the value added benefits to Jane’s future employer, and the successes, accomplishments and results she had achieved. We included a series of short, sharp branding and introductory statements with definable value propositions right up front in her document so there was no question about her ability to do the job she wanted.

2) We included a key skills section on her front page, which we based on keywords, list of her hard skills and areas of expertise. These skills sets were the keywords that matched the roles, market and expectations for the level of experience of the job Jane was pursuing.

3) Jane had had multiple roles in the same organisation. It’s not unusual for people to have multiple roles over a period of time with the same employer, gained through promotion or organisational restructuring or other factors, so for Jane, we merged those positions at the same employer to highlight only what was relevant to her next career move, but also to really laser focus her experience towards her future role.

Lucky she found CV Saviour™, because we were able to translate all of her achievements into evidence-based results that positioned her as the perfect candidate for the types of role she was chasing. Not only that, she got exactly the job she’d targeted, in a sales and marketing role for a multi-national company with the potential for an international transfer, along with a $45k uptick in her salary.

Jane was pretty chuffed. So were we.

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