Executive Biography

An executive biography is a brief narrative of your career to date.

It can be the perfect tool to use when pitching yourself for a seat on the board, a volunteer role, as part of a tender or client pitch, or to accompany your professional portfolio.  You may also need an executive bio for networking, for your company or personal website, or to promote your brand.

There are a few different approaches that can be taken with your Executive Bio. You might choose to showcase your expertise by illustrating your results to present yourself to the reader as the provider of the solution to their problems, or you might choose to present your bio as a career summary, and let them make assumptions about your career history and how you add value to them. Alternately, your Bio can be written as a combination of these two approaches.

With your executive bio (up to one A4 page in length), we can also provide you with a Micro Bio (up to 140 characters), and a Short Bio (around 100 words).

Whether you need an executive biography for your website, to promote your reputation as a consultant, or an executive summary to submit with a pitch, tender, a corporate or event brochure, CV Saviour can help.

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