Who’s Right,  Who’s Wrong?


We know how tricky it is trawling the internet, trying to find out exactly what you need to include (or not!) in your new and professional resume.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Well, here’s one tip … much of what you find on the internet about resumes has been written for the US market.

Resume requirements for the Australian job market are actually VERY different. Sure there are some similarities, but there are more differences than not. There are so many things you can get caught out on – for instance, that swanky-looking template you paid $10 to download might be made for US A4 paper stock. Yes, that’s right – A4 paper everywhere else in the world is different dimensions from US A4, so make sure your paper dimensions are correct. As for the 1 or 2 page resume debate  … 1 or 2 might be acceptable in some jobs in some sectors in the US, but in Australia, you’re more likely to leave the recruiter scratching their head. And the list goes on …

Make sure the advice you get about your resume for jobs in Australia is from a trusted, credible source and is a certified resume writer, well versed in writing for the Australian job market.

We can only give you our advice, based on our 18 years’ of experience, and what we know works, and what doesn’t. We keep up with the latest trends and requirements for resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters, and selection criteria by participating in continuing professional development provided by our industry associations, through ongoing training and development, and by regularly surveying recruiters, internal HR departments, and working with our industry peers and experts. What to see how your resume stacks up? Try our FREE CV Health Check below.


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(updated 2021)

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