Recruitment Agent

We often speak to potential clients who seem exasperated that ‘their’ Recruitment Agent doesn’t seem to be doing anything to help them, and we often have to remind them that ‘their’ Recruitment Agent is NOT ‘working’ for them – they are working for THEIR fee-paying clients, i.e. the companies with the vacancies that need to be filled.

A Recruiter is judged by the quality of the candidates they bring into an organisation for further consideration, so it’s not their job to be charitable, spend hours trying to read between the lines of your CV to determine if you’re a possible contender for a role, or to find you a job.

It’s their job to reduce that stack of 500 CVs to 6, vet possible candidates, and put them forward to the organisation for consideration, so the position will be filled with the best person for the job. That’s how they make their money!

Make the recruiters’ job easy with a great CV that focuses on your accomplishments and successes, and you’ll find your relationship improve immeasurably.

(updated 2019)

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