According to one Australian jobs expert, there are several high-paying jobs that don’t require third level qualifications across industries like construction, mining, IT and aviation management. According to the expert, there are six steps to get a $100,000 salary without the need for any university degree.

These included looking out for jobs that are in short supply and relocating to secure high-paying roles. Other advice included working freelance, and that being the expert in your chosen field could be highly beneficial.

1. Pursue a job in short supply to earn most

It can be hard to secure a job in saturated industries because you would be in competition with hundreds of applicants claiming to have the same skill set as yours. Pay is also often quite low. In contrast, industries that have a shortage of skilled workers are easier to break into. This may also mean greater bargaining power when it comes to negotiating salary.

The expert noted job seekers should consistently keep a close eye on the job market to know lucrative openings and be informed of the job industries that are in demand.

Applying the basic law of supply and demand: If there is a high demand for a valuable trade skill that you think you possess, it is best to pursue that sector. It is also an opportunity for you to negotiate a higher pay since the company might not be able to source qualified applicants easily. Apparently, there is currently a shortage of skilled project managers and IT professionals in Australia.

2. Strategically relocate if you must

Rather than waiting for the job to come to you, it would be a good strategy to move where the promising openings are.

Service industries like mining and construction may require employees to relocate temporarily to rural areas. It could be for a few weeks or a month or a lot longer. In most cases, additional financial incentives and allowances for food and lodging are included in the base salary to attract the right applicants.

3. No university degree required

It is the usual mindset that you need to have a degree or even sometimes a PhD to apply for work in high-paying industries. It is not common knowledge that there are also various professions that offer impressive pay packets and do not require a university degree.

Did you know that Construction managers, air traffic controllers, miners and power plant operators all earn in excess of $100,000 every year without the need for a bachelor’s degree? Now you do!

The average salary for an air-traffic controller is $134,000. Jobs in the mining and construction sectors offer six-figure wages, with moderately experienced mine workers receiving $117,000 annually and site managers earning an average of $111,000. Meanwhile, power plant operators can earn up to $100,000. Securing an impressive list of training, accreditations or certifications are important for these roles. Take note of this when you apply jobs in this sector.

4. Be a go-to expert

According to the expert, “We are prepared to pay more for the services and skills of someone who is deemed an expert.” Being an expert means spending considerable time establishing a good brand reputation. Speaking at industry conferences, hosting or being the resource person in seminars, having a huge following on social media or writing a book could be proof of having good credentials.

When you have established yourself as an expert in a certain field, you may be spending less time looking for work because work will find you.

Be cautious when labelling yourself as an expert though … Several years ago, Shane Rodgers write in The Australian newspaper about the career advice he’d wished he’d had at 25, and noted, “Success comes from repetition: I remember hairdressing legend Stefan Ackerie telling me this in 2003. I had never really thought about it before. A few years later Malcolm Gladwell’s brilliant book Outliers was published, promoting the idea that you needed to spend 10,000 hours on something to become truly expert at it. The lesson here is to get good at things before you try to move to the next thing. Genuine expertise belongs to an elite few. They seldom have superpowers. They have endurance, patience and take a long-term view. They also love what they do. If you find that, don’t let it go.”

5. Freelance

Contractors usually receive a higher daily pay rate than permanent employees, making freelance a great way of earning a good amount of money. Although benefits like sick or holiday leave may not be offered, freelancing can still give a relatively higher take-home pay at the end of the year than most permanent jobs.

6. Calculate the risks and take them

Achieving long-lasting financial success may not be about having just one job. Sustained success may mean you have to continually work side hustles to generate additional income, something which is easier nowadays due to the advent of social media and online job and career sites.

The expert noted: “Getting a highly paid job doesn’t happen instantaneously, but with planning, focus and hard work you can be well on your way.”

Jobs that earn $100,000 without a degree in Australia:

● Air traffic controller – $134,000
● IT manager – $120,000
● Experienced miner – $117,000
● Construction manager – $111,000
● Procurement manager – $105,000
● Power plant operator – $100,000

(updated 2021)

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