I think I can safely vouch for everyone here at CV Saviour and say we all love our jobs and that makes us very happy workers! Personally, I positively LOVE my job, but strangely, it doesn’t make to the list.

In a 2015 article in the Sydney Morning Herald, UK economist and behavioural scientist, Professor Paul Dolan said that a good-paying job does not necessarily make a happy employee. In his book, Happier by Design, he wrote:

“We do know people are happier with their lives over time if they are satisfied with aspects of their jobs like their boss, pay and daily tasks, which suggests it is most important that the job is a good fit for the individual type rather than the type of job per se.”
“This might explain why the happiest workers in the UK are florists and the least happy are bankers.”

Professor Dolan listed happiest workers as follows:

  1. Florists and gardeners, 87 per cent say they are happy
  2. Hairdressers and beauticians, 79
  3. Plumbers, 76
  4. Marketers and PR people, 75
  5. Scientists and researchers, 69
  6. Leisure and tourism workers, 67
  7. Construction workers, 66
  8. Doctors and dentists, 65
  9. Lawyers, 64
  10. Nurses, 62
  11. Architects, 62
  12. Child care and youth workers, 60
  13. Teachers, 59
  14. Accountants, 58
  15. Car workers and mechanics, 57
  16. Electricians, 55
  17. Caterers, 55
  18. HR and personnel staff, 54
  19. IT and telecommunications workers, 48
  20. Bankers, 44

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In another 2015 research, this time by SEEK, a big online employment market site, it listed down the top four happiest industries in Australia:

  1. Consulting & Strategy – 53% of workers classify themselves as happy or satisfied
  2. Banking & Financial Services – 52% of workers classify themselves as happy or satisfied
  3. Education & Training – 51% of workers classify themselves as happy or satisfied
  4. Trades & Services – 49% of workers classify themselves as happy or satisfied

According to SEEK, Management and Change Consultant, Credit and Lending Officer, Primary Teacher, and Builder top the happiest job positions in these industries.

However, in a more recent study by Curtin University for mwah (Making Work Absolutely Human), Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing, and Arts and Recreations Services are the top industries who have the most satisfied workers, in relation with their jobs. A slightly different result compared to the previous studies mentioned above. The full report was published in their book, happy workers: How satisfied are Australians at work? in April 2017.

The Curtin University’s research uncovered some interesting figures about job satisfaction in Australia:

  • A higher proportion of employees in the private sector report being dissatisfied with their job overall (20%) compared to government (14%) and not-for-profit (12%) sector employees.
  • Australians who work for themselves or in micro-businesses are more likely to report being very satisfied with their job than those in big companies.
  • 38% of those workers living in remote and very remote regions of Australia report being ‘very satisfied’ with their job overall compared with only 27 per cent of workers in major Australian cities.
  • Tasmania has the highest job satisfaction and comes in first in three of the six job aspects – the job overall, the job itself and job flexibility.
  • Western Australia and Victoria are ranked last among states when it comes to workers who are very satisfied with their job overall.

(updated 2021)

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