You do know that social media is used by employers to screen applicants, right? In fact, 94% of job recruiters are now using social media for the purpose of job placement. And you’re using this knowledge to boost your own career, aren’t you? No? Well, if not, then you might want to consider using writing on social media as a method to boost your career – because it’s become a big time player in today’s job recruitment world.

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Let us cover the three major social networking sites that employers use to screen applicants: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


How employers use social media to screen and recruit employees



LinkedIn provides a free service for job applicants to build their network with a large number of companies and recruiters. Job seekers can also follow job posts and announcements of their target employers.
On the other hand, LinkedIn provides companies with a free and paid account to create their business profiles. Employers can post job vacancies and other information to their news feed. They can then network and pool potential candidates for their openings.

Employers build a referral chain.
By expanding a network of professionals, employers can request for a referral or give a recommendation for a candidate for a job post. According to LinkedIn, they currently have 100,000 recruiters from 148 different industries that are using their service.

Employers search for candidates among LinkedIn members by using keywords.
When recruiters look for potential hires, they simply use key words of the required qualification they need. This is one good reason why a job seeker’s profile should be complete and written with proper keywords so that their accounts will turn up in the results.

Employers search for potential employees by past or current employer.
Recruiters communicate with other employers to ask about a candidate’s skills and experience that they require for the job position.

Employers search for employees based on references from trusted recommenders.
This is a process used on LinkedIn whereby members of your network write notes recommending you. Employers do take note of these recommendations.

Employers can post job advertisements for a fee.
Employers can recruit and hire candidates through LinkedIn’s listings, candidate search, trusted referrals services.



Facebook allows employers to create business pages where they can post job opportunities for their followers. Job seekers can easily interact with different organisations and communities of different companies.



Just like LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter is used by recruiters to increase exposure to communicate with potential candidates. Since Twitter has a limited character count per post, companies usually use links to advertise their job posts.

Now that you know how social media is used by employers to search for potential hires, use it to your advantage. Update, edit and improve all your social media profiles and use it as a tool in your job search.

(updated 2021)

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