Want to know how to choose a resume writing service? Use our checklist, and read through our question list. Your career and livelihood depends on it.

  • Proven track record?  Yes
  • Experience?   Yes
  • Qualifications?  Yes
  • Great reputation?   Yes

We take our job, and your career very seriously. We work hard for our clients and want to make sure you make the right choices when it comes to engaging someone to write your résumé and other career marketing documents for you.

Before you engage a résumé writer, use our checklist to make sure you’re getting exactly the service you need, and expect, and that you are getting value for your hard-earned money.


Questions to ask before you decide who is going to write your new resume, and how to choose a resume writer.


Q: How much résumé writing experience does your writer have? Is your resume writer appropriately qualified? ie: Certified or working towards certification with either Career Directors International or Career Thought Leaders? Or have they completed part or all of other equivalent or higher career qualifications, such as a Post Graduate Certificate in Career Development?

Q: What professional memberships do they hold and what continuing professional development do they participate in to ensure they are accountable for they work they produce and to ensure they are following industry professional standards? Are they members of AHRI, CDAA or CICA?

Q: Will your documents be professionally proof-read, by an experienced, certified or qualified proof-reader?

Q: Will your résumé be written from scratch, or is the service merely going to re-format your existing document to make it look good, using the content you’ve already written in your CV?

Q: Will your new resume contain evidence-based results, not just list what you have done and what you were paid to do in your jobs to date?

Q: Will your new résumé be crafted from extensive questioning of your experience to date, with questioning completed by phone interview, email, or an online questionnaire?

Q: Will your new résumé be peer-reviewed by another résumé writer to check for clarity, consistency, on-target messaging and positioning?

Q: Has your résumé writer actually been involved in, and have they had experience in the screening, recruitment and selection of candidates in their prior careers? Have they been the decision-maker in the candidate selection process?

Q: Will your documents be returned to your in Word format after they are written, so you can make any later changes yourself, and so don’t need to return to the writer each time you need amendments or updates? Will you need any special graphic design skills in order to update your documents yourself?

Q: Will your résumé writer provide you with any instructions as to how you can tailor each CV and cover letter for each position you apply for?

Q: Will your résumé writer provide you with comprehensive guidelines on how to use your resume or approach the job market, to help you with your job search? Do you have lifetime access to that information?

Q: Is your résumé writer charging you less than a few hundred dollars to create your new CV for you? (See more about this in the Prices section of our FAQs).

Q: Will your writer give you at least 2 rounds of edits and amendments on your documents after you receive the first draft of your documents?

Q: Can your résumé writer provide you with examples of work they have done in the past?

Q: What guarantees will your writer give you, if any?

Q: Do you require other support beyond the resume? If so, what other support can your writer provide you with?

Q: Does your writer have English as their first language? Are they actually based in Australia? Can you speak to your writer directly?

Q: What is their interview success rate? If they advertise a success rate, how do they measure that?

Q: Does your writer / writing company hold appropriate insurances such as Professional Indemnity Insurance and Cyber-Security Insurance?


(updated 2021)

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