How To Find A Job You Love

How To Find A Job You Love.


Learn about the 6 steps to finding meaningful work and a career you love. Find a job you love, get paid what you’re worth and learn the steps to get there.


EVERYONE wants to do a job they love, and finish up at the end of the day with a smile on their face, safe in the knowledge they’ve made a difference to someone or something throughout the course of their work. We also want to make sure we get paid what we’re worth, (we’ve all got bills to pay, right?) and have a good balance of work and social – the old ‘work-life balance’ measure finely tuned. This article from Muse sums it all up really well, but also provokes some thought on how to get there in the first place. Read on to find out 6 steps to finding work that doesn’t just pay the bills—but also fulfills you.

We are a pretty extraordinary generation in that we seek jobs that fulfill some philosophical part of us, whether that means helping people or making a difference in the world. Translation: We don’t want work to feel like work, and that’s a fairly modern concept. No longer do we focus solely on supporting our families or having a roof over our heads—we also want to find personal meaning and satisfaction in our work.

(updated 2019)

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