Not sure how to name your resume? Check out quick tip #1.


Get your resume naming convention right, and position yourself for the job, right from the get go.


Aside from your resume’s content, it is also important that you give your application documents the appropriate filename. Make it easier for both the recruiter and the applicant tracking system to identify and record your documents.

Avoid using generic labels for your resume. Big companies receive hundreds of applications on a daily basis. You wouldn’t want your documents to get lost in that big pile of resume haystack, would you? By using filenames like resume.docx or myresume.docx, there will be difficult to distinguish it from all of the other files sent by the other applicants.

The best way, of course, to identify your resume is to include your name in the naming convention. It will be easier to track your documents. It would be better to use both your first and last name so that your resume won’t be confused with someone else’s. Acceptable formats are: John Brown Resume.doc / BROWN, John Resume.doc / John-Brown-Resume.pdf.

If you have a common name, you may include your middle initial in the filename: John E. Brown Resume.doc. Also, it is very important that your documents and your online professional profiles are named consistently. If your resume is labeled as John E. Brown Resume.doc, then also use John E. Brown in your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ profiles.

In CV Saviour, we follow the following procedure in naming and saving our client’s marketing documents.

Your new résumé is named with your surname first in upper case, followed by your first name, then a space is reserved for you to enter the job title of the advertised job or the proposed job title, the month and year, and the words MASTER.

For every application, copy your MASTER document, and then rename the copy so you always have an original copy of your main document. Ensure you re-name your document with the title of the position you are applying for (or the title you have used as per Point 5 of this document), and the current month and year. Delete the words MASTER from the naming convention.

Again, this assists in locating your documents within databases held by employers and recruiters, assists Applicant Tracking Systems, and indicates to readers that the content is current.

For example:

BROWN, John – Sales Executive – April 2016

(updated 2021)

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