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People quit jobs for all sorts of reasons.


The Business Insider Careers team needs your help. They want to know: When did you realise you needed to quit your job?

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Most common reasons why people leave their jobs:

LinkedIn asked 10,000+ people why they switched jobs. Surprisingly, the top reason why people left their old job was not because of low salary.

Below is the result of the survey LinkedIn conducted in March 2015 on Why and How People Change Jobs:

45% – were concerned about the lack of opportunities for advancement
41% – were unsatisfied with the leadership of senior management
36% – were unsatisfied with the work environment / culture
36% – wanted more challenging work
34% – were unsatisfied with the compensation benefits
32% – were unsatisfied with the rewards / recognition for their contributions

Based on the results of the survey above, most employees tend to set long-term goals and would want to have career growth. If they don’t see this opportunity in their current fields, they will not think twice of looking for job promotion somewhere else.
Management and the working environment plays a big part in an employee’s happiness at work. If the employees are not happy, they are most probably not motivated, which may result to poor work performance.

On the other hand, conducted a survey among 1800 employees in Canada and this time, monetary reasons top the list of Why Employees Resign From Their Jobs:

  1. Insufficient pay or unfair pay practices
  2. Lack of honesty/integrity/ethics
  3. Lack of trust in senior leaders
  4. Lack of work-life balance
  5. Unhealthy/undesirable culture also asked employers why they think their employees resigned from their posts. The bosses got the number one reason correctly but failed to recognise how it is important for employees to have a healthy working environment.

  1. Insufficient salary or unfair pay practices
  2. Unmet personal goals and dreams
  3. Excessive workload
  4. Unexpected job/career opportunity
  5. Lack of feedback or recognition

LinkedIn and Monster Canada’s surveys are just a portion of the many reasons why why people left their previous jobs. Were you able to identify with any of the reasons stated above? What’s your story? Why did you quit your job? Business Insider Careers wants to know. Tell your story by filling our their form and you might just get a mention in one of their articles.

(updated 2021)

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