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Learn about Kate, who went from 132 job applications over 7 months without a single job interview. Then she found CV Saviour and got an interview winning resume. It was on job application #133.

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Our Clients – Who We Work With: Whether you’re a middle manager, or senior executive, or a school leaver or MBA graduate, a tradesperson … we can help. We’ll always match you with a writer from our team with the most experience in your sector (or the sector you wish to move into).

We’ve worked with people from many kinds of backgrounds in many different sectors – blue and white collar workers – and from school leavers seeking their first job, to the CEO to senior surgeons with 30 years’ experience in major teaching hospitals.

We’ve been doing this successfully for 19 years so we’ve worked across a very broad range of candidates and industries.

How we CAN help: Each month, we provide feedback on hundreds of resumes. Most of these résumés have no impact, nothing stands out, and the resume fails to get the client noticed for the skills and expertise, successes, achievements and results they can bring to another employer. So, they fail to win the interview. Very often, we can fix that problem. We can transform these resumes from poor or average to pretty amazing – interview winning resumes.

Sometimes, we CANNOT help: If we cannot make your resume amazing, we will tell you so.

If you have some career assets, for example: promotions, turnarounds, education, results for employers, successes, achievements or innovation, we can help.

If you’ve done no re-training, no skills updates, never gone beyond the expectations of the job, never achieved anything at work, not contributed in any way to better yourself, your workplace, your job, employer, customers, clients, or colleagues, we will not be able to help reposition you for your next career move.

Turning up for the job on time just isn’t enough these days – that’s what you get paid to do, so if we cannot add value to your CV because you’ve not added value anywhere, we won’t be able to help you.

While we’d love to be able to guarantee you a job, we can’t. If you’ve been talking to resume writers who say they can, you’d want to be asking them how on earth they can guarantee that! Read more about it in our FAQS page: Q18: Can you guarantee me a job?

What we CAN guarantee you is that you’ll get a much better CV than the one you’re working with now, and we can guarantee you that we’ll do everything we can within our power to go over and beyond to exceed your expectations. And we’ll provide you with the BEST advice in the market, on the market as it right now. We’re not a resume writing factory. Our success hinges on yours, and we’ll do what it takes to make you happy with the outcome of what we produce for you – interview winning resumes. Click here to learn more about our Terms and Conditions.

(updated 2021)

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