How To Conduct A Job Search

Job Search Strategy Coaching & How to Conduct a Job Search.

A fantastic resume is only one part of a job seekers approach to the market. We know how difficult it can be conducting a job search when you’re not familiar with the way recruiters operate, when you’re new to the market or don’t know how or where to find the jobs that are out there. Let our Career Consultant help you navigate the Australian job market.

Job Search Strategy

How to conduct a job search

Introduction to recruitment

Identifying your value offering

Positioning yourself

Defining your target market

How to network


How to approach recruitment agents

How to approach hiring managers


Existing Clients

(ie: we have written your resume)


60 minute sessions

New Clients

(ie: we have not written your resume)


60 minute sessions

Existing clients will typically require 1 – 2 sessions, non-clients may require more.

Please contact us directly about booking in

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