Know your LinkedIn Etiquette.

LinkedIn: Posting more than 3-4 times a week on LinkedIn is considered ‘spamming’ by your followers. Who knew?


We always say that LinkedIn of like Facebook, but for grown-ups. At work. Nonetheless, there are a whole raft of social networking faux pas you can get tripped up by if you’re not on the ball. Like posting more than 3-4 times a week is considered ‘spamming’ by your followers. Who knew? A lot of these ‘rules’ aren’t even written about, but this infographic is a great starting point.

Every social media platform has its own unwritten rules. For instance, posting too many pictures of your baby/dog/breakfast on Facebook is bound to get you hidden from a few newsfeeds. Scheduling the same tweet to post 20 times in a row on Twitter will result in a significant number of unfollows.
While Facebook is primarily for personal networking and Twitter straddles the personal/professional divide, LinkedIn is for professional use only. The vast majority of members know and live this rule (although I do see a strangely incongruous post pop up in my feed every once in a while). But what about the daily dos and don’ts of LinkedIn? Is it acceptable to ask for endorsements? How many times should you post per week? What type of content is acceptable to publish in a group?

Courtesy of HubSpot.


LinkedIn etiquette

(updated 2019)

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