How To Create Your Own URL On LinkedIn



Creating Your Custom / Vanity URL


Creating Your Custom or Vanity URL on LinkedIn is easy, when you know how. Customise the link into a shorter, easier to manage, and memorable one, in your name.


By default, LinkedIn assigns you a URL with random numbers and letters. But you can customise the link into a shorter, easier to manage, and easy to find URL – ideally, using just your first and last name.

Why? It can help with your personal branding, e.g.: on search engines beyond LinkedIn, such as google, when you are searched for by name.

1) Customise your URL by selecting the “Profile” menu from the navigation bar.

Custom LinkedIn URL


2) Click “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu.

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3) This will take you to a “Public Profile” page that allows you to control how your profile appears to the public.

4) On the right-hand side, click on the blue link for “Customise your public profile URL.”

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5) Clicking on that link will open a pop-up window where you can choose what appears after the standard Your custom URL can contain between 5 and 30 letters or numbers (not including spaces, symbols, or special characters).

If the custom URL you choose is already in use, consider adding your middle initial or a digit after your name. (Example: JohnQAdams or JohnAdams4). You could also add your profession (JaneSmithAccountant); your business name (like we have – CVSaviourResumes), or your name and the sector you do (or want to) work in – HelenBrownFinance or BenBrownPropertyDeveloper).

6) Once you have selected your custom URL, click the blue “Set Custom URL” button to save and exit, andthat’s it – you’re all done!

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(updated 2019)

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