How We Work With You


LinkedIn Clients:


1) Select your LinkedIn product

2) Make your payment.

3) You’ll receive confirmation from us that we have received your payment.

4) We’ll also ask that you send us your existing CV (if you have one), and if you’re a job seeker, details of the sort of jobs you wish to apply for, and the organisations you are interested in working for. If you’re seeking to enhance your LinkedIn profile for the purposes of generating more B2B or B2C leads, we’ll source detail from you about your ideal clients, prospects and customers in our questionnaire instead. (This allows us to start our keyword research).

5) We’ll then send you your online questionnaire, which you can access from any device at any time, and we’ll start drafting the outline of your new documents.

6) Once you’ve completed your questionnaire, we’ll contact you to let you know we’ve received your responses. Please note that work on your new documents only begins once payment has been made, and we have received your completed questionnaire.

7) At our end, work on the content of your new LinkedIn profile begins. The actual writing of your LinkedIn profile takes around 15 days, after which time it is sent to proof-reading, and then it is sent to QA, before it is returned to you. (That’s why it takes up to 15 days to return your documents to you from the time your online questionnaire is completed). If we have any questions during this time, our LinkedIn Profile Writers will be in touch by email initially. We appreciate that sometimes it can be easier to talk through things, and if this is the case, we’ll arrange to do so at a mutually convenient time.

8) The first draft of your LinkedIn profile is returned to you around 15 BUSINESS days later. At this time, we ask that you respond with any edits or amendments required within 3 business days.

9) If edits are required, we turn them around within 2 business days.

10) Your final LinkedIn profile returned to you, and once you approve it, if you’ve ordered LinkedIn Loaded, we will then be able to upload your profile for you, taking into account some important steps to safeguard your online reputation. Most importantly, the very first thing we do is lock down all broadcasts so NO ONE is notified that your profile is being updated. If you’ve ordered LinkedIn Lite, we provide you with clear instructions and support to do this yourself.

11) If we have uploaded your profile, we will notify you once your new profile is live, and we’ll send you our 12 page guideline, ‘How To Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile’ which includes the steps to take to raise your profile in the hidden job market, identify your targets, be they recruiters or organisations, and make a real impact.

(updated 2022)


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