HAVE you ever wondered what people who have the same name as you do for work? Probably not. But now you can find out anyway, thanks to a handy new tool from LinkedIn.


Play The LinkedIn Profile Writer Name Game.


The professional network has pulled selected data from English-language profiles to find the most common matches between first names and standardised job titles to create the Name Game.

According to LinkedIn, George is semi-retired, Liam is an apprentice, Rebecca works behind the bar, Amy is a kindergarten teacher, and Hayden is still just an intern.

Created to promote LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day on November 5, the tool will tell you whether your parents predicted your profession or you bucked the trend.

According to LinkedIn, last year more than 50 businesses opened their doors to more than 20,000 parents around the world to find out more about what their kids do all day.

“The game is intended to be used for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to recommend particular career paths to users,” the website explains, just in case.

Does it work? Well, here is my result below. Is it correct for me? Well, in a way, yes. I’m certainly a teacher when I think about everything I teach and share with everyone who works at and visits CV Saviour, and as the boss, I guess I’m also a Director too. All a bit of fun. So … what do people with your name do?


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(updated 2021)

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