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How is your LinkedIn profile looking?


Attention-grabbing headline?


Is your content SEO optimised?


Are your contact details crystal clear?


Does you summary compel others reach out and contact you?


Have you got a great image of yourself on your profile?

Why You Need A LinkedIn Profile – Whether You’re A Job Seeker, Promoting Yourself or Your Business

LinkedIn is an important tool for job seeking and business people alike. An increasing number of companies and individuals are using the site to find candidates, post jobs and accept applications directly, and, because companies and buyers want to get to know someone before they hire or engage them, they will use it to informally vet candidates or providers.

While we ensure in your CV that it’s clear to an employer that you can do the job, the actual decision comes down to fit, and personality. Considering the fact that your employers (or prosepective clients) first impression of you is likely to be online (and on LinkedIn), we write your LinkedIn content in a way that illustrates your fit and personality, in a professional manner.

While your resume or company brochure should do a great job telling an employer what you did, and can speak results, successes and achievements, it is still a fairly dry statement of facts.

We are in an age of very competitive job markets, and employers and customers alike  can afford to be very picky with whom they hire. They’ll often choose the person who can demonstrate the least amount of risk and highest amount of value.

The old adage that people judge you by the company you keep still rings true too, and prospective clients employers can and will make a judgement on you based on who you are connected to.

This makes the CV or your website and company brochure an incomplete document for many employers. Sure. They might say, “Send me your CV”. Then they’ll turn around and Google search you, or try to find you on LinkedIn. So, neck-and-neck with a resume or your website, your LinkedIn profile is also pulling the weight of your career and job search.

Your LinkedIn profile should not be a mirror image of your resume, but it should complement it, show your personality, and tell your story in a way your CV can’t.

Did you know that the average person spends 8.5 seconds scanning a LinkedIn profile?
That’s a whole 2.5 seconds LONGER than they spend looking at your resume!

So, how’s your LinkedIn profile looking then?

Do you need the help of a professional LinkedIn profile writer?

Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers

We’ve got a thing for LinkedIn profiles. In fact, over the past few months, we’ve been busy working with some of the brightest and the best on theirs.

As Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Profile Writers, CV Saviour has recently completed writing LinkedIn profiles for Sloan Fellows on the Stanford University MSx Program (a one-year, full-time degree program for experienced leaders), at Stanford Graduate School of Business, CA, USA.

We might be Australian-based Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers, but we write for clients all over the world!

LinkedIn Profiles for Job Seekers


Are you job searching?

Do you want to headhunters to find you easily and make contact?

Want to raise your personal profile?

Do you want to get noticed by the company you WANT to work for?

While it’s the job of your CV to convince an employer you’ve got the skills to do the job, it’s the job of your LinkedIn profile to tell your professional story. Your profile should talk about who you are, and put a human face to your applications.

LinkedIn is an important tool for job seeking. An increasing number of employers are using LinkedIn to search for candidates and make direct approaches, post jobs and accept applications directly.

They also use it to informally vet potential employees and shortlisted candidates.

Remember you are judged by the company you keep, so choose your connections wisely.

While statistics are hard to find specific to Australia, a recent social recruiting survey found that 80% of hiring companies use LinkedIn for recruiting purposes.

Your LinkedIn profile is not your CV, nor should it read the same way.

While your CV is a fairly dry, factual chronology of your career history to date, LinkedIn allows you to give prospective employers a chance to get a feel for the real you, your personality and flair.

It should tell a compelling, interesting and open story about you, in a conversational tone, without being unprofessional.

Your LinkedIn profile also needs to be keyword rich, have a customised URL so you can be found in searches beyond LinkedIn, and prompt readers to reach out and contact you.

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We have 2 LinkedIn packages available to suit different budgets and needs: LinkedIn Lite and LinkedIn Loaded.

Please Note:

If we upload your profile as part of our Concierge service or as part of LinkedIn Loaded we will perform the following. If you upload your profile, we provide full instructions on how to do it yourself:


Securing a vanity URL, which can help with your personal branding, e.g. on search engines beyond LinkedIn.


How to adjust your publication settings so that none of our changes are broadcast to your connections, which is important if you want to keep the fact that you’re actively or passively job seeking quiet for the time being. (Helpful if you don’t want to arouse suspicion with the boss or any colleagues you’re connected to!)


All clients receive our 12-page e-Book with top tips, message templates, how-to’s and everything you need to know about “How To Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile”

Want To Order LinkedIn Lite And Have Us Upload Your Content For You?

Can do – just add LinkedIn Concierge at checkout.

Want a Background Image Designed For Your Profile?

We can do that too – just add it at checkout.

We draft LinkedIn profiles so that they comply with the principles of effective web content and optimise your content so that you can rank well under employer and recruiter or headhunter searches.

As LinkedIn search rankings are dictated by network connections, we will also provide you with advice as to how to expand your network to increase your visibility once your online profile is uploaded.

 LinkedIn Company Pages


Want to increase your organisations brand awareness?


Want to engage with new audiences?


Want to promote career opportunities and find the right talent, that wants to work with your company, not just any company?


Want to educate prospects, clients and customers about your products and services and how you can help them?

We also write LinkedIn profiles for Businesses (Company Pages) to provide a platform for their organisations, raise brand awareness, promote career opportunities, and educate potential customers on their products and services.

Check out this great LinkedIn Infographic about Company Pages.

Email us at for LinkedIn Company Page Pricing.

LinkedIn Profiles for Business People


Do you want to be seen as the market authority and ‘go to’ person for what you do?


Do you want to increase your potential client or customer base?


Do you need to position yourself as the subject matter expert or specialist in your field?


Do you want to use LinkedIn to prospect for clients or new business leads, B2B or B2C?

We write LinkedIn profiles for business people who need to connect with other businesses and potential clients with whom they can do business.

A tailored LinkedIn profile will help generate business leads and strengthen current customer or client relationships. By sharing valuable and rich content via regular updates, you add to your positioning as a thought-leader and industry specialist. We write LinkedIn business profiles that are pitched to showcase your skills and the benefits you offer to potential clients, while keeping on-message with your firm/practice/company brand.

Follow this link to see LinkedIn’s complete company list.

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