Why Should You Hire CV Saviour? Let Me Count the Ways …

Need a new resume?

So you want a new resume. The chances are, you actually want is to skip the resume and interview altogether, and just go straight to a fantastic new job, but you’ve realised that in order to get there, you need a brilliant resume first.

You’ve probably also done a reasonable amount a research and come to the conclusion that if you’re going to pay for it, that the $79 resume you saw advertised on google probably IS a bit dodgy, and you’d prefer that whomever is about to take your career (and your livelihood) into their hands has English as their first language, a lot of relevant experience, and some credentials to back them up.

If that’s the case, we’re off to a good start. The question is, why should you hire CV Saviour as your resume writer? I’ll give you a reason. Actually, I’ll give you nine.


#1: I’m from Brisbane, live in Sydney, have worked in both as well as London and New York, and have Irish, German and Scottish ancestry.


I’m tight, it’s in the blood. I don’t charge fancy London / New York / Sydney prices, and it really bugs me that getting a resume written by a certified resume writer is really expensive. Unless you go with CV Saviour. Fixed-price quotes and up to two rounds of amendments come as standard, and if you don’t get any interviews within 3 months of receiving your documents*, we’ll work with you until you do. We work with clients all over the world, and our UK and US clients love it because the exchange rate means that get a world class service at a fraction of the price.


#2. I’m a Monty Python Fan. And you should expect Spanish Inquisition.


Life is too short not to have a bit of laugh. I also need to ask you lots of questions. Questioning and research helps me understand your work to date, your career goals and the message you are trying to get across. Your future employer won’t buy hype. They’ll buy a genuine, considered solution (i.e. YOU) to solve the problem that they have.


#3: I used to be a Marketer.


I guess I still am. Marketers sell things by delivering a story that is rich in fact, testimonials and evidence-backed claims. That’s what our resumes do too. These days I market people. Like most people, I’ve had a few jobs, which comes in handy in this job. The first qualification I got after leaving school was  in nursing, and I still care (perhaps a little too much) about helping everyone I work with, get to where they want to be.  


#4: I don’t do queues.


I am a classic Type A personality. You complete your side of things, and your resume will be with you 7-10 working days later (quality takes time) unless we agree a different deadline. Urgent project? No problem. I will pull out all stops to make it happen if I can. 


#5: Like Bill Gates, I was born in the Chinese year of the goat.


Unlike Bill Gates, I have never been listed in Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people. Goat-year people are generally nice, charming, amiable, helpful, and sympathetic. That really helps with getting an understanding of the sector you work in, or want to work in. After 19 years of writing resumes, there aren’t many jobs I haven’t written resumes for, although I will put my hand up and admit I have never written a resume for a Cruciverbalist, a Futurist, or Bill Gates.


#6: I work in silence.


It energises me. I love the stillness. I get wildly creative when it’s quiet. Which means? Thoughtful insights and a creative resume for you.


#7: I can turn the resume of the French fry cook at McDonalds into a compelling read.


Everyone has a story to tell. You just need to find the right words.


#8: I don’t work alone.


I may be a great resume writer, but I am not the best proofreader, as those who will have received a hastily belted out email from me will confirm. I am not a ‘jack-of’-all-trades’ and while I can turn my hand to a lot of things, I appreciate there are always people out there who are far better at some things than me. That’s why I have a team of writers and other specialists with me to tackle those niches I have no experience in, or just because they are way better at them than me. Like Anna, who manages our Admin and answers the phone, Annabel our Client Services Manager, Abby who helps with Marketing and Social Media, and James our Proofreader, and Nick, Elizabeth, Tom, Jo, Paula, Kate, Claire and Tammy who are brilliant, world-class resume writers. As the Director, I personally review every clients documents, and I write my own fair share of resumes, but I also I make sure you’re matched with the perfect writer to get you where you want to go, because we stand by what we produce.


#9: Homer gave me my work motto.


No, not that Homer. This Homer – the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey. “Always to be best, and to be distinguished above the rest.” That’s where we aim, every time.




  • We’re the ONLY resume writing service in Australia that will test and score your resume so it WILL get ranked 80% or higher in Applicant Tracking Systems
  • 10 years experience as the decision maker in the recruitment and selection of staff
  • 15 years resume screening and candidate selection experience
  • 19 years experience as professional CV writers
  • 1 of only 15 Certified Advanced Resume Writers (CARW) in Australia
  • 1 of only a handful worldwide who acquired certification at Gold Pass Level
  • Australia’s 1st Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Writer (CCELW)
  • Supported by an amazing team of brilliant writers who are also certified, or working towards certification. (This is important in an unregulated industry, where anyone can hang their shingle and call themselves a resume writer or careers advisor).

What now?

If this sounds like the kind of service that’ll fire up your engines, get in touch.

Contact me directly at catriona@cvsaviour.com.au

Learn more about my story here.

* check out our terms and conditions.

– with thanks for Truity for the inspiration.

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