During the COVID-19 crisis, the following services are not available: Cover Letter Only, LinkedIn Lite Profile Only, LinkedIn Loaded Only, Career Counselling Only, Resume Intensive Coaching, Tailored Applications, Selection Criteria Responses, 1 to 1 Job Application Support, Resume Review, Audit & Critique and Telephone interviews for any services.

The only services available until further notice are resume, resume and cover letter, or resume, cover letter and LinkedIn packages, and job interview coaching.

Resume updates for past client are limited to 2 clients per month. Please check with us before booking online to ensure we have capacity.


We’re often asked ‘How much does it cost to have my résumé written?’ We appreciate that getting your CV and LinkedIn profile professionally written is a significant investment – in money, time, and trust.

To get it right, it takes time and a lot of hard graft. It’s also an investment in your future, and we take our obligation to make your investment work for you very seriously.

Our prices are linked to your years of experience. Follow this link and select your experience level to see prices.


CV Saviour is around the middle of the price range for résumé writing services across Australia. There are numerous CV and résumé writing companies on the market, and some of them are very good, many who charge considerably more than CV Saviour, and many who charge a lot less. But there are only 16 certified resume writers in Australia, and our Principal is one of them, and the rest of the team, if they don’t already have certification, are working towards it.

We would caution you against engaging writing services at the lower end of the market and resume writing factories as we often get clients who come to us with poorly written documents, obtained from discount writing companies, and they need to have their documents completely rewritten. Many of these resume factories churn out one document after another using standard templates that you could buy yourself; use a generic software program to ‘draft’ statements to include in your new documents; use the content from your existing résumé and merely edit or re-format the document to make it look different, or perform a combination of the above.

Be very cautious of those that can turn your documents around in less than 24 hours, and those that charge less than a few hundred dollars.

You get what you pay for, and we spend a lot of time re-writing CVs for people who’ve used quick, cheap services in the past.

On the flip side, there are some very successful high end services that charge well over $1000 for a CV alone, yet do not include professional proof-reading as standard, nor do they have their documents peer-reviewed by another writer to ensure a blind review of documents as part of a quality assurance program. We do.

Added to this, you can rest assured that you are working with professionals, obligated to complete annual professional development training and re-training, with industry-recognised credentials to back up what we do, along with many years of experience. Why trust your career and earning-potential to anything less than this?

We are engaged by clients for our expertise in crafting career marketing documents.


We price our services based on how much work it will take to get you the documents you need for your next career move.

Yes, our prices are considerably less than the high-end CV and résumé writers, but our prices have been deliberately structured so that this service is accessible to as many as possible, and those are people just like you who are prepared to make an investment in their future. Our prices are very fair, and most say very reasonable when compared with other resume writing companies, who cannot compare on the service we provide, the quality of the documents we produce, the guarantees that we do, or the up-to-the-minute advice we offer.

If you are making a decision about your career and earning potential based on the cost of your new CV, perhaps we’re not the right organisation for you.

We keep our costs down by providing packages, and by working with you online wherever possible. This may mean we need to follow up by phone to clarify some points, but by working with you online initially, our clients get 5-star service at a fraction of the cost. All our clients benefit as a result because we can keep our costs down, and pass the savings on to you.

It’s no secret that an outstanding CV can reduce the time spent on job searches, and help position you for increased compensation.


We provide a professional service, run by experts in their fields.

Before we even start writing your documents, we will have spent up to 3 hours researching your future roles, creating questions to ask you to determine what value you add to an employer and identifying what value your future employers seek in candidates like you. Once we have gathered all the information we need through this process, there’s also the one-to-one telephone interview and/or preparation of detailed questioning of your experience to date, and the development of examples of your achievements and successes so that your CV stands out from the rest. Once interviewed or when your online questionnaire is completed, it can then take a further 12 hours to write a great CV, just to get to first draft stage. This is then followed by several rounds of edits, followed by professional proofreading and peer-review and QA.

At least three professionals are involved in the construction, drafting, writing, proofing, QA and peer-review of your new CV. And that’s before you even get your first draft. Given that our clients livelihoods hinge on their jobs, we want to make sure we do everything in our power to make sure we’re positioning you to achieve your dream job.

It’s no secret that an outstanding CV can reduce the time spent on job searches, and help position you for an increased salary.

If you’ve never used a professional CV writing service before, we suggest that you view your new CV as an investment in your future.

We’re often asked for discounts, but armed with the information about what it takes to craft an interview-winning résumé,

we wouldn’t expect you to work for less than the minimum wage, and given our outstanding

experience and credentials, we won’t either.


Think about this way – even a small increase in your salary means that you will recoup the cost of your investment before you even start your new job. Assuming you work a 35-hour week, if your new CV helps land you a job that pays just $1 more an hour than what you’re on now, over the course of a year, that translates to an increase of $1820 gross.

Imagine if your salary increased even more ..?

That’s quite a strong return on your investment.


We’d love to be able to do that, but we deliberately keep our prices as low as possible so as to make our service as accessible as possible to as many as possible, which is why we offer both an online working option (which most of our clients use as it keeps prices down), as well as a package price.

Unfortunately there are a lot of self-appointed and unqualified ‘professional’ résumé writers out there (it’s an unregulated industry in Australia) who offer extremely low prices, along with others who have similar qualifications and experience to us who charge well over $1000 for a CV alone. At CV Saviour, we provide superior documents. Every clients’ documents get the same level of attention, irrespective of how long they’ve been in the work force, or how there documents currently present. With keyword research, company and industry research, writing time, proofreading and QA taken into account, it generally takes around 12 hours and 3 people to turn around a CV to draft stage alone. We won’t compromise on that as it would compromise the outcome.

We won’t compromise on prices, and we won’t compromise on quality.

Please keep in mind that at least 3 people are involved in the development of your documents, and this time frame includes multiple stages, the timing for which is only locked in when we receive your responses:

Sector / target employer / keyword research


Drafting of your documents


Professional proof-reading


Editing and quality control with a blind review by another writer on the team who has not yet seen your documents who reviews them through the eyes of a recruiter

Testing and scoring your documents in an Applicant Tracking System to check they will get through any software screening processes.

When the first draft of your documents is returned to you, we ask that you respond with any edits or amendments required ASAP. All clients are entitled to 2 rounds of edits, and the first round of amendments and edits must be requested within 5 business days of receiving your first draft. If not edits or amendments are requested during this time (as is the case for 95% of our clients), we assume you are satisfied with your documents and we will close off your project.


You can see our resume prices, LinkedIn prices and selection criteria prices by clicking here.

Bottom line: Our prices start at $350 for a school leaver for their very first CV and go up to $2200 for the Managing Director / CEO with 30+ years experience who requires a full professional package.

After hours charges for telephone interviews: We do have some limited availability after hours and can be available on weekends and evenings by appointment, so you’re not confined to working with us during office hours only. We do however have an additional charge for after hours and weekend telephone appointments.

Turnaround within 3 days: We do charge for rush jobs if you require your new documents within 3 days, provided we have capacity to do the work, and provided the quality of your documents will not be compromised. It is rare that we can do this, but certain times of the year are quieter than others, so if you are in a rush, just ask.

Not sure what level you should select?

Contact us for an obligation-free quote today at

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