Protect Your Résumé From Identity Theft: What You Should And Shouldn't Include On Your CV | CV Saviour

Our clients have been getting some impressive results recently with the resumes we’ve been writing for them … obtaining job interviews when they weren’t before, being called back very soon after submitting applications, and so on. As a result of our success, our business has dramatically grown and we’ve increased recruiting at CV Saviour so we can help more people get résumés that get them interviews for the jobs that they really want to do.

While we’ve been thrilled with the response to our advertisement and humbled by the calibre and experience of many of the candidates, we’ve been alarmed at the level of personal detail provided by others. Our concern has been heightened by a recent story in the Australian press about the Australian Federal Police’s (AFP) Operation Zulu, which raised the issue of identity theft by criminals who had used stolen IDs to commit crime. Read more about this issue and what to include (or not) on your résumé here.

Protect your Résumé from Identity Theft – What to include and what NOT to include on your résumé .

(updated 2019)

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