Resume Checklist

Before you submit your next job application, check that you have reviewed the following:

☐ Yes, I can do 80% or more of the tasks detailed in the job description and I have provided evidence by way of examples in my documents to illustrate this experience.

☐ Yes, I have followed all the instructions in the job advertisement.

☐ Yes, I have made contact with the recruiter before submitting my application. (Click here for more details about what to ask, and a script to guide you about what to ask a recruiter about a job).

☐ Yes, I have included a cover letter (unless it specifically says not to).

☐ Yes, I have tailored my resume for this job application and it is clear that I am capable of doing the job.

☐ Yes, I have spell checked my documents and I have used British English spelling for Australian job applications.

☐ Yes, I have printed a copy of my documents and checked that all the text in my documents can be easily read, and is within the margins set on the page when it is printed.

☐ Yes, the fonts, and colour (if used) throughout my documents are consistent, and I have not used more than 2 fonts, nor have I used a font size smaller than 9 or 10 points.

☐ Yes, the font I have used is Universal and can be read on any PC or Mac.

☐ Yes, I have named by documents using the following naming convention (LASTNAME, Firstname – Title Of Advertised Job – Month Year).

☐ Yes, I have saved the document as WORD document, with a .doc file extension because I know some application tracking systems cannot extract information from PDFs or .docx files.

☐ Yes, I have hyperlinked my email address so that if a recruiter clicks on my email address, they will be able to email me from my resume or cover letter.

☐ Yes, I have checked that my telephone number and email details are correct.

☐ Yes, I have checked that my name and contact details are on every page of every document.

☐ Yes, I have checked that each page is numbered following the numbering convention Page 1 of 3, Page 2 of 3 etc.

☐ Yes, I have added my name and the job title of the advertised job, and added keywords to the documents properties by going to Word > Open the document > File > Properties.

☐ Yes, I have made sure that if I have used acronyms, that I have also spelled them out the first time I have used them, so there is no confusion for the person reading my documents. (For example, Training and Development (T&D) and thereafter just used T&D).

☐ Yes, I am satisfied that the tone of voice and language I have used is appropriate for the level of the role I am applying for.

☐ No, I have not used headers, footers or tables in my document because I know that some Applicant Tracking Systems cannot extract information from headers, footers or tables.

☐ Yes, I have addressed my cover letter to the person who will be receiving it, and I have not just addressed it ‘To Whom It May Concern.”

☐ Yes, I have a LinkedIn profile that tells more about me than my resume does so if a recruiter checks out my profile, they will be left with a great impression about my candidacy for the role on offer.

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