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Should I include a photo on my resume?

This a very common questioned asked by job seekers. We, at CV Saviour, do not recommend including a photo on your resume. This is because of the fact that a simple photo could provide cause for discrimination, and it just takes up valuable space on your resume. The only instance that we find a photo important in a resume is when you’re applying for a role where appearance matters for hiring like if you’re applying as a model or an actor, and it’s asked for. Sales representatives, receptionists, bartenders, financial planners, and public relations representatives are some job roles that might benefit from including a picture in their resumes since it’s quite important for them to build a trustworthy and approachable image to do their work.

Despite the implementation of anti-discrimination policies in Human Resourcing, a lot of job seekers still experience being discriminated based on their age, race, gender, and disability. These are the incidents that we would like to avoid, that’s why we do not ask for our clients’ photo for the resumes we write for them. Furthermore, there are some employers who would like to screen their applicants’ documents without bias and base their judgement mainly on the resume’s content.

According to a Northborough, MA-based resume expert Julie O’Malley, “It’s illegal to consider factors like age, race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability status in hiring decisions. So hiring authorities prefer to not ‘officially’ know whether you’re a member of one of these protected classes.”

Alternatively, job seekers can use their online profiles to showcase their application documents with their photos. Include the URL of your LinkedIn profile in your resume. Unlike a resume, a LinkedIn profile should always include a picture. Recruiters will be able to see your photo when they check your LinkedIn profile.

People who use their resumes for networking purposes usually include a photo on their resumes. They want to make sure they are remembered by the potential contacts they meet or give their resumes to when they attend conferences and other events.

The bottom line is, if you think that your appearance would be an asset for you in your job application, then including your best professional-looking photo in your resume would be an advantage. But as a CV Saviour standard, we do not recommend including a picture on your application documents. We place our clients as potential hires by helping them get noticed by recruiters and by the applicant tracking system because of the content of their resumes.

(updated 2019)

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