Should you include a career objective on your resume? Is an employer interested in your career objective? What should you write on your resume?

The simple answer is No – you should not include an objective statement on your resume.

For starters, objective statements went out with the ‘90’s, and amount to nothing more than an “I want” statement.

The bottom-line is that an employer doesn’t really actually care what you want.

What they DO care about is their bottom-line needs, and your résumé needs to address how perfect you are for those needs.

Your message needs to be clear: “Dear Employer: You’re looking for a  [imagine your next job title here], and I’m the best there is. Here is my record and evidence to prove it.”

So what should you write instead?

A brief summary statement (sometimes called an Executive Summary). Give a recruiter a 2 or 3 sentence synopsis of your experience to date, where you will add value to them, your areas of interest or expertise. Give them enough to hook them in, so they are encouraged to read on to the finer details in your resume.

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