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It’s time to get a little controversial! We’re getting rid of the resume objective statement and bringing in a summary or positioning statement.
We’re getting rid of the resume objective statement and bringing in a summary or positioning statement.
Prove that you’re the best candidate for the job with a laser-focused positioning statement that screams, “I’m the best candidate for the job, and here’s my track record to prove it!”

But what exactly is a resume objective statement? Well, traditionally, they were an introductory statement included at the top of the resume where you could outline your career goals and ambitions, but more often than not, job seekers started including details of their employment wants and needs. Selfish and precocious? Perhaps a bit. Even worse, they can leave the hoiring manager with more questions than answers. In the right circumstance however, they can still have their place, but more often than not, a positioning statement or executive summary is a better option for the top of your resume.

According to our friends over at JobScan  where you can get a free resume and job match check, they agree with this approach.

One major difference between the resume objective statement and the positioning or summary statement is that the summary statement highlights hard skills and accomplishments in active voice rather than passive voice, making the job seeker sound more capable and assertive. For example, “I achieved 20% sales growth” is active voice while “20% sales growth was achieved” is passive.

A traditional (ie: old and outdated) resume objective statement might say ‘To secure a position in customer service with an employer in a busy office environment.” Hmm – not really making a splash is it?

This might work better: “Customer Service professional with 8 years’ experience working face-to-face, online and by phone with customers, resolving product and service issues. Seamlessly handles up to 3 concurrent enquiries and up to 10 customers per hour, and has maintained 2 years of successive 95% customer satisfaction ratings. Twice awarded employee of the year by Great Big Employer as voted by 2,000 customers. Ready to hit the ground running in busy call centre environments.

A resume summary statement is a great place to highlight your work history, your skills and your accomplishments so that the reader can very quickly get an idea of your ‘who, what and why’ and how you will fit into their organisation.



(updated 2021)

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