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Before we even look at examples, let’s talk about the different types of resumes


First things first: we DO NOT create graphic-heavy fancily formatted resumes with logos, lots of colours, multiple fonts, and images all over the place. These types of resumes are known in the industry as NETWORKING resumes. Yes, many of them look terrific, however, they will NOT get through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and are not scannable into them. Neither will infographic resumes.

There’s a big hint in the name – NETWORKING – these resumes are used for job seekers interested in networking their way into jobs. If you are applying for advertised jobs online, networking resumes are NOT for you.

Networking resumes are fine to use if you are personally handing your resume over to someone you know, or someone you know who will pass your resume on to a decision maker. CEOs, Senior Executives and C-suite candidates may be interested in networking resume, however we only create resumes that will work for all possible scenarios, and the layout and style of our documents will certainly work as both a networking resume as well as one that will pass all ATS programs and recruiter screening.

Infographic resumes are just the sort of thing you see lots of graphic designers and creative people use, and unfortunately have made their way into other industries. Like networking resumes, they may not get through ATS, and can get you screened OUT of the recruitment process if you apply for jobs using an infographic resume.

If you’re applying for a job online and uploading a networking or infographic resume into the advertisers applicant tracking system or database, you could well be scanning yourself OUT of the selection process.

We don’t create networking resumes

They are only useful for the minority of job seekers only. We only create ATS-friendly resumes using universal fonts, .doc formats that can read by ATS, and we never, ever use headers, footers, tables, text boxes, logos or other graphics that could get your resume screened OUT, instead of in.

There are literally 10’s of thousands of these networking resume templates that you can buy online if you want one. The only problem is, the people who create them are graphic designers, who create them for their job market, not realising that ATS programs will not scan them. When other job seekers around the world started seeing them, they all thought they should have one too. There’s a major problem with them though.  Don’t get caught out.

Content is still king, and no matter how lovely your resume looks, if the content does not include evidence-based examples of the outcomes of your work, it’s not going to get you anywhere whether it’s a networking resume or ATS-friendly. That’s why engaging a certified professional resume writer can make all the difference as to whether you get invited to interview, or not.




A simple-to-follow ATS-friendly resume template jam-packed with top tips used by the world’s best resume writers.

Total price


We only write ATS-friendly resumes

Nonetheless, our resumes are still visually attractive, and just as keyword rich and evidence-based as any networking resume that has been written by a certified professional resume writer.

We can also provide you with an ASCII resume

(also known as a plain text resume) if you need it. Very occasionally, a job advert will ask for a plain text resume only. Just ask us to provide you with one if you need it after we’ve written your ATS-friendly resume for you.

We’re not graphic designers – we just write interview-winning resumes, with a layout that we know works. (Our track record speaks for itself).

If you want a networking resume only, please let us know and we will connect with one of the 14 other certified resume writers in Australia who work with C-Suite Executives and specialise in networking resumes.


We’re busy getting our best resume examples for professionals together so you can see what kind of magic we work on our clients documents. Please check back soon for more examples of interview-winning résumés. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of what we can do for you.

Does your résumé read like a job description? If so, it may well be the reason why recruiters aren’t calling you back.

Anyone reading a document that reads like that, is going to ask “So what? That’s what you were paid to do!”

We’ll take your list of achievements …


From This

Grew sales from existing customers.

To This

Increased referrals from current customers by 40% within 6 months. Identified a flaw in customer service. Overhauled the client management and account development process to sharpen competitive edge, and pioneered the design and implementation of an enterprise-wide Customer Relationship Management program.


From This

Corrected annual budget.

To This

Shaved $200K off annual budget. Eliminated a 2-year historical budget overspend, revised forecasting and compiled a new budget based on actual department costs to ensure long term fiscal accuracy.


From This

Turned team performance around.

To This

Reversed the decline of the lowest performing team to the #1 position within 1 month, breaking a 5-year company record.


2-page resume example – Head of Operations (International role)

2-page resume example – Investment Professional  / Private Equity resume

 3-page resume example – HR Professional | Internal Careers Advisor resume

2-page resume example – Investment Professional  / Private Equity resume

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