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No more — instead you will submit your resume and a ‘one-page pitch’ telling why you are the best person for the job.


According to an article posted on 13 October 2015 in Public Service News, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) has simplified its recruitment and candidate assessment processes, doing away with selection criteria and Public Service jargon in an effort to attract better applicants. (Hooray, we say!)

“No more selection criteria — instead you will submit your resume and a ‘one-page pitch’ telling us why you are the best person for the job,” PM&C said in a document entitled Candidate Frequently Asked Questions.

It said the changes made to assessing and selecting candidates should make the recruitment process easier, more flexible and fit for purpose for both candidates and business areas.

“The purpose of these changes was to remove barriers in attracting high-quality candidates and getting the right people into the right jobs,” PM&C said.


Processes, advertising simplified


“We want to attract motivated, agile and resilient candidates who generate ideas and are driven to achieve results.”

The Department said it wanted to have a broader and more diverse candidate pool with a variety of skills, experience, qualifications and backgrounds.

“We’ve replaced Public Service jargon and Duty Statements with inspiring job ads that tell candidates who we are, what we do, what we’re trying to achieve, and what opportunities we offer,” PM&C said.

It said these ads would not list a specific classification and salary — except on the APSJobs website.

PM&C said it would be advertising jobs more widely, including on blogs, newsletters, journals and social media.

“We’re also making the application process easier for candidates by removing duplication and cutting red tape,” it said.

PM&C said selection decisions would still be transparent and merit based and a classification would be assigned to candidates and the role based on the Australian Public Service (APS) Work Level Standards.

We’re not sure yet how widely spread the changes will be, or when they will come into effect, but we’ll keep you posted!

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