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 Interview Coaching – Existing Clients (ie: we have written your resume): $275. Click here for more details. If we have NOT written your resume: $350. More details are here.

 Career Counselling –  services include a range of the following, and is customised according to the individual:

– Understanding personal values & how they guide you
– Clarifying interests, personality and strengths
– Exploring potential career paths
– Current skills and competency assessment
– Gap assessment, current vs. desired, including identification of transferable skills and competencies
– Breaking into a new industry, networking & self-marketing strategy

Typically it takes 3-5 sessions for a client to clarify their career goals and establish actionable next steps. This really depends on the individual and their willingness to put in the work, challenge their invisible scripts, their responsiveness to feedback and overall self-awareness.

You’ll discover:

The best careers for your unique interest profile.
The top earning and fastest growing careers that suit you.
How to stay motivated by choosing a career that excites you.
How to harness your natural talents to achieve success.
Get personalised career ideas and individual advice that will help you choose a path to keep you motivated and successful for many years to come.


– Session-by-Session:  $300 per 60-minute session, which includes access to relevant tools/templates and actionable homework (which you are required to complete).

– Career Clarification Package: $2897 for a 3-month period, which includes regular sessions (weekly or fortnightly, up to a maximum of 12 sessions in 3 months) + unlimited support (online + phone).  This package is recommended for clients who are really stuck career-wise, or have too many interests and require a substantive amount of support and guidance, and includes resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing.

CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS at [email protected]

 Job Search Strategy 

1) How To Conduct A Job Search
2) Introduction to Recruitment
3) Identifying Your Value Offering
4) Positioning Yourself
5) Defining Your Target Market
6) How to Network
7) How to Approach Recruitment Agents
8) How to Approach Hiring Managers


– Session-by-Session:  $275 per 60-minute session for Existing Clients (ie: we have written your resume) or $350 per 60-minute session. Existing clients will typically require 1 – 2 sessions, non-clients may require more.

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