Looking to boost your LinkedIn presence with the perfect LinkedIn profile?


Building the perfect LinkedIn Profile, all boils down to maximising your visibility and building your networks with a few simple tweaks, according to Business Insider.

From how to frame your LinkedIn profile photo, what buzzwords to avoid, and the ideal number of LinkedIn connections to have through to how you can get more recommendations, here is the ultimate cheat sheet you need to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

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Additional tips to make your profile to stand out is to do the following recommendations:

Write a first-rate summary
Your LinkedIn summary offers you the opportunity to introduce yourself.

Include your work experiences, skills, achievements or qualifications in this section and make sure sentences are short and concise, making it easy for people to read and understand. Use all the 2000 characters to write an introduction that will grab employers’ attention. Make sure to add keywords that companies are searching for in order for you to gain maximum exposure. You can share stories about your accomplishments or problems that you solved for your current employer.  Write your summary in the first person and in active voice to keep it personal and more engaging.

Ask for recommendations
You can display recommendations from previous employers, colleagues, clients, friends or teachers you think could contribute significant value to your profile. You may ask current and past colleagues for a recommendation. You can do so by selecting ‘Ask to be recommended’ on your profile. Another effective way to get recommendations is to give them. Taking the time to write thoughtful recommendations for your connections often make them feel they should return the favour.

“Recommendations are probably the most important thing to have included on your LinkedIn profile. They back up all the information and experience on your page and make you more credible.”  – Stephanie Bellassai, Social Media Manager, Deakin University

Endorse people in your network
Endorsements are a good way to validate the skills and strengths of your colleagues. Just like recommendations, endorsing connections on LinkedIn usually leads to them endorsing you for your listed skills. LinkedIn has almost 6000 different skills you can add to your profile. Having a large number of endorsements also adds credibility to your profile. The more endorsements you have, the more likely it is you’ll be discovered for opportunities related to those skills.

Following these recommendations can help you build the Perfect LinkedIn Profile.


(updated 2021)

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