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Of course, it goes without saying that you should run a spell check on your résumé, but this won’t always catch every mistake. Make a point of reading your résumé out loud to spot any awkward phrasing or misplaced words, commas or other punctuation marks.

Having someone else read it can help too, as it can be difficult to spot errors in your own writing.

Also make sure to double check information like your phone number and email address, because just one wrong number or symbol here could destroy all your efforts.

What never to put on your resume (Common Resume Mistakes)

1) A photo

2) Negativity

3) Irrelevant Information

4) Outdated Information

5) Salary History of Salary Expectations

6) Unusual fonts or layout

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What never to put on your résumé (Common Résumé Mistakes) by Open Colleges

(updated 2019)

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