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Jobs in the future will be a lot different from today. Resumes will be too. Right now though, if you’re job hunting, you’ll need a resume for today.

An interesting article about the future of jobs, and how automation will change the way future generations will work.

“Once we have thousands of bots, we’ll need co-ordinators,” explains Simon Raik-Allen – MYOB’s chief technology officer. “There’ll be bots in call centres driving everything; they’ll be monitoring social media sentiment; coordinating interactions between businesses and social media; putting out events; looking at news and checking weather.”

A “bot lobbyist”, the equivalent of a PR Manager, will manage these bot-controlled social media accounts to support a client’s marketing campaigns.

“Big data doctor” is another future job, to be created over the next 30 years. Because as technology changes and affects our world, businesses will also transform. This data is based on a report from cloud accounting software firm MYOB.

1. Retail stores won’t sell goods, they will sell experiences: stores will become showrooms, which emphasise the unique attributes of the product. Rather than buying on the spot, the item will be delivered within 24 hours, possibly by drone.

2. The evolution of ‘business deal houses’ will allow people to book and meet other companies via hologram, in environments conducive to making deals between humans far more effective.

3. The service industry job market will be affected, with a significant number of jobs lost to AI, including telemarketers, auditors, bank tellers, travel agents, retail salespersons, technical writers, real estate agents, and word processors.

4. Alternative business opportunities are likely to flourish, in the arts, culture, sports and caring professions.

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(updated 2021)


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