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Our friends over at Truity have created this great infographic to help you explore your personality type and how it’s related to the work you do. Truity, like us,believe that the more you know about your personality, the more empowered you become to shape your future. Your personality really does matter. It colours your interactions with others and affects how you approach your work on a day-to-day basis. Not only does it hold sway over our actions, but it can also help you plan for the future.


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Your personality traits provide insight into the type of work that will make you happy, to help you as you consider your career path. Use it to find out what jobs your personality is best suited for, and you will be one step closer to career fulfillment.

Some of the more interesting facts include:

– 51% of people are Introverts who prefer working independently and in quiet spaces; the other 49% are Extraverts who enjoy working with others and prefer busy spaces.
– 60% of people are Feelers who want work that reflects their values and gives them an opportunity to help others; the other 40%, Thinkers, strive to find work that requires them to use their intelligence to excel.

Courtesy of Truity.


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(updated 2021)

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