Here at CV Saviour, we get a lot of enquiries on a daily basis. From “I need to update my resume, can you assist me with this?” to “What font size should I use in writing my resume?” So we rounded up all the queries we received and listed down the biggest resume questions. Our group of resume writers were so game in answering them.

How long should my resume be?
Starting out or newly graduates should generally have a 1-page resume, but for mid-career jobseekers, 2 pages is fine and even 3 pages for senior managers and executives.

What to include and what not to include?
Your executive summary, work history, achievements, skills, educational background, and contact information are the basic must-haves on your resume. Don’t include personal information like marital status, date of birth, or your sexual orientation.

What if I have no work experience? What will I write about?
If you’re a newly graduate and looking for your firs job, elaborate on the skills you’ve developed and all through out your education. Highlight the skills you have that is relevant to the job position you are applying for. Describe your qualifications and past projects as elements that allowed you to develop transferrable skills that makes you a qualified candidate for the job.

How should I handle employment gaps?
Discuss activities like volunteer work, starting up your own business, or further studies to fill in the gaps. You may also explain about your employment history in your cover letter.

What should come first, education, work history, or skills and achievement?
The section that will be able to show your strength and relevance to the job position should come first in your resume. If you think that you acquired a great deal of skills and certifications that match the role, then place this section on the first page of your resume. Photographs are not required when you submit a resume unless you’re applying as an actor or model.

What verb tense should I use?
If something on your resume is in the past, use the past tense but if you are still actively in the role, use the present tense.

First Person, Second Person, or Third Person?
Avoid using “I” or “me.” Instead of writing “I increased the company’s sales by 24% in just a month.”, use “increased the company’s sales by 24% in just a month.”

What format should I use to send my resume?
The safest format is MS Word’s .doc as it can be read both by the ATS and by a human. PDF formats can also be used. Send your resume in other formats only when required in the job advertisement.

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(updated 2021)

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