Everyone Has An Opinion About What Makes A Great LinkedIn Profile Photo.


Here’s Ours


LinkedIn is a social network, and so how you are visually perceived on LinkedIn is just as important as the content that is included. For clients with no photo we strongly recommend including one in your profile.

People in general tend to trust candidates less who have no photo. LinkedIn research has found that profiles with photos are SEVEN times more likely to be viewed as those without. And according to a 2012 study by The Ladders, recruiters spend 19 percent of their time on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile looking at the picture. And yes – that seems a bit weird, but it points to how important the photo really is. If you do not have a picture up, your profile may not get any attention at all.

If the photo looks wrong, readers will subliminally reject or resist – within milliseconds – all the good things you’re saying in the text below.


The general principles for a good LinkedIn photo are:


  • a well lit image of roughly passport photo dimensions,
  • smiling, and
  • looking at the camera.

We have clients who want to look stern or serious in their photos but in marketing terms, this is not as effective as an image that makes you appear to be approachable. Nor is it really the ‘Australian’ approach. We’re a friendly and open bunch here, a nd that’s how employers want their employees to be too.

Head shots are far more effective than full body shots – people want to see your face, and see and look into your eyes.

If you appear physically distant in your photo, viewers may interpret you to be that way too. If you must use a full body shot, ensure your body language isn’t alienating viewers.


Top Tips


  • Look approachable.
  • Look directly at the camera.
  • The photo should have a clear view of your eyes; that’s what people want to see. (LinkedIn is about building trust!)
  • Background may provide details of your personality but may also detract from the connection your image should make with a viewer. If there is a background, make sure it isn’t distracting.
  • Don’t use an old photo. People who don’t know you will look you up on LinkedIn so they will be able to recognise you at a meeting.
  • Use a photo of you rather than a photo of an object.
  • No glamour shots, please. Ever.
  • Wear your most complimentary colour for a colour photo.
  • Black and white photos are perfectly fine. Research shows there is no difference in perception between the two, so if you look better in black and white, go for it.
  • Don’t have other people in your photos, and don’t crop other people out of your shot (we can edit your image for you if needed).
  • If you’re unsure, take multiple shots and ask others for their opinion on which one makes you seem most approachable.


(updated 2021)

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